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Video card overclocking issues...NOT overheating.


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Ok, I am having a very strange issue when overclocking my video card, my sig is up to date. Before I had the VF700-Cu cooler, the huge stock cooler not only covered the chipset (causing it to overheat), but also cooled the video card poorly. When it was only overclocked to 400/1100, I saw temps 70C+, and it blew hot air straight onto the chipset, causing chipset temps to reach almost 70C. The problem I would have with overclocking, is that in UT2004 (the only game I have installed right now), certian maps would display bright green dots on the terrain only. The dots seemed to be part of the texture, because when I shot them, the weapon scorch marks would temporarily cover them up. This did not happen when the video card was at stock speed. I assumed it was due to overheating of the video card and chipset, so I got the Zalman VF700-Cu cooler, which works very nicely, but does not solve the problem. Now, I have the video card overclocked to 413/1130, and the cooler keeps it at 57C full load, and since it does not cover the chipset or blow hot air on it, the highest chipset temp under load is now 45C. The hottest the CPU got was 40C, and I am quite pleased with these results, however the green dots did not go away. They are random, and only displayed on the terrain, no BSP, and I noticed that there were none, but when I minimized the game and maximized it, they were all over the terrain. Overheating is ruled out. Please help.



it does not happen when the video card is at stock speed.

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