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X2 Stable at 250

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Well this is second board in less than three months but I got 8 hours 54 minutes

Prime95. I can't get OCCT to install without driver error, so can't test with that.

Probably the X64 since several other pieces of software have drivr problem with it too. Everything else is fine and since 250 is prime stable I've decided to try 255 and after running SuperPi about 10 times (got same time every time 27 min 1.905

seconds) never had that happen before. 0h yeah, ran it once on each core and got same times also.


I've tried Other BIOS's: 623-3, 623-2 and 704-2BT. I couldn't get those latter two to boot. I reloaded them several times and thoroughly cleared CMOS prior to load.

When I tried 623-1 it just smiled for me and except for a few times OS loads right up. Yeah I've had to go through that clear CMOS routine a few times but not

earth shaking. Course since I'm running an X2, that could be problem. The BIOS has to be up to date for that.


FYI - AngrY I have screen captures and after I go wash my car and eat lunch and deal with Lawn person, I'll be coming for a Toaster. I am hoping the Prime 95 will still be running at least till 3:00PM.


Man, this is fun. I still haven't tuned my Memory. I'm mostly on auto and loose. My PC4800 tccd are set at 3-4-4-8 and I know they'll run 2-2-2-5. Well!.


I do like this VapoChill Micro Cooler by Asetek. My temps are much cooler like 33C -

53C and has not gone beyond that I have bios set to shutdown at 60C. I couldn't have done that before. I think 53C with both cores going 100% 24 hours a day is great.

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Okay, did the RAM max exercise today. Chopped me off at 340 and had to backoff to 335.

Ran Memtest for test 5 then for test 8. Compared cpu max and decided to try 277*10 and bam. I had notes on all my ram settings so everything is running smoth and slick. I only had t clear CMOS three times and with CMOS loaded and staggering the saves over the for cache I had no real sweat. I love this board. I've gotten a full nights sleep twice in three weeks. What a terrible waste having to rest. Well, I know I am going to end up at over

2700mhz just want as close to 2800 as I can get Oops gotr torechech my memory settings

cause occt just went out unstable. Edited my sig but forgot to save edits, nuts.

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