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Physical Address Extension

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I could if you really want me to ^^.


I dn have much of it setup yet, never finished off my post proccesing, it was looking quite nice but noticed it cut the res in half on say the reds and such, somehting I had to go back and try fixing before I feds videos through it.


Also mad one script to fix a crop of the last inuyasha movie, someone cropped it from 720x480, I hate that but now it is'nt a big deal, since I can add new lines to get it back the original res, then I can fullscreen it in mpc and play it back without an overlay, in it's supposed original form before the cropping :).


My plan is to get a gf6 6600gt, for encoding, and fedding it into that using avisynth and graphedit.


Using avisynth to serv the file originally, and post proccess it to my liking :), then I'll open the served avi file into graphedit, then feeding it into the encoder built into the card, then re-muxing or whatever etc etc.


I tried getting the nvidia hardware dvd mpeg2 decoder that's built on alot of there cards(even my old gf4 has it I guess), but it just would'nt work.

I heard maybe it's a problem with nero taking over everythign but I dn, nero does take controll of everything and it sure adds alot of filters for some odd reason, alot more then I ever expected.


I'd like to encode my mpeg2s into avc, for the ones that are say 5gigs or more.



I use a combination of dgindex and avisynth to frame serv the mpeg2 1st, and create a new index for it.


My template.avs looks like this for now:



convertfps = false


LoadPlugin("H:Program FilesAviSynth 2.5PluginsDGDecode.dll")

# LoadPlugin("H:Program FilesAviSynth 2.5Pluginsac3source.dll")

# LoadPlugin("H:Program FilesAviSynth 2.5PluginsDecomb521.dll")

LoadPlugin("H:Program FilesAviSynth 2.5PluginsTIVTC.dll")


DGDecode_MPEG2Source("___src___", idct=4, cpu=0, iPP=false, moderate_h=255, moderate_v=255, cpu2="oooooo", upConv=false, i420=false, info=0, showQ=false, fastMC=false)

# Testing Fields

# AssumeTFF().SeparateFields() # Assume Top Field

# AssumeBFF().SeparateFields() # Assume Bottem Field

# Telecide(order=1, guide=0, post=4, blend=true, show=false, chroma=false, back=1, hints=false, debug=false)

DeInt = last.bob().selecteven()

tfm(order=-1, mode=3, PP=0, clip2=DeInt, field=-1, slow=2, mChroma=false, chroma=false, debug=false, display=false)


# I need To Try A Smart De-Interlacer, This One Has Combing Artifacts

# FieldDeinterlace(full=false, blend=true, map=false, chroma=false, show=false)


# Audio = DirectShowSource("___src___.ac3")

# WAVSource("___src___.wav")



Afterwards I redo the names in some of the resulting files, it's pretty much ready to go after that, it's a avi file.

Then again the post proccessing is flawed for the time being on my setup, I can't wait to get it perfect.

I gave up on it for the time though, sooner or later I will start it up again.


Someday maybe I'll beable to re-write some things and make a script that opens all avi's, built into windows using avisynth as an assosiation.

So It could automaticly de-crop anyvideo deviating from the standered ntsc res if it's ntsc, then figuering out how it was croped and resized, and stretching it and adding blank lines to it accordingly.

That's just awish though, something I won't bother trying until I get a script that does it's job 100% correctly for dynamic fps video.


For graphs in graphedit, I have a few of them but they are'nt to my satisfactory yet.

Mostly capturing ones and a few ones where I messed around with dvd playback.

I allready have virtual vcr's and mpc's graph, but mpc's graph uses a deinterlacer I can't get access to.


I've heard there is a way to actually re-register some of these filters but I would'nt know how.



Oh and on avisynth, I cannot corectly decode ac3 or dts with any filter I've come acros so far^^.

So i have to have another program remux it or whatever that was called.

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just use dvd2svcd,CCE cracked, avisynth (with filters), edit your avs, ifoedit

chapters, or use dvddecryptor with a dual layer burner and forget about it.

get off doom9 before you go crazy!


Edit: If your into "real" video editing, doom9 is not the place, its hackville!

Real filters/editing/frameserving on a proffessional level is something you have

to persue as a pro, not a hack....


Edit2: The idea of manual script editing of cmdline parameter passing to module

invocation is pure HACK! Its not real pro stuff, don't u think?


Edit3: I guess I should go back to my Amiga 1000 toaster with Gladus and Agnes.

Which btw is still pristine and 100% works and is for sale. Complete complement

of software, hardware upgrades, and Amiga 1000 2-Volume Kernel manuals.

I also have original (many others too) Unix 7 kernels'.

Along with the complete Byte magazine issues. Lemme know........ pm me!

Lots more.

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It's to be left only to the pros... then why do many dvd's have errors?

Some more then others, some with gross errors like say family guy, south park dvd's are maybe in the norm, but have many errors, it's not just anime or the like, it's normal movies too, I see it all the time.


I see combing, or sometimes the fields are in the wrong order, wierd stuff.


If I don't recompress the dvd, ie rip dump with dvddecrypter, then rip out the movies and such with the disney solution(nick name I guess), I then normally burn them and they are in the original state for the most part.


For ones that are above nero's limit to burn, I hate nero btw, I will have to actually recompress.

That's were you need post processing.

Film is film, but they allways have some ntsc in them, at least I would'nt take the chance.


I prefer graphedit and the current setup I have, I can do allmost everything.

There is a prob I have to figuer out though soon maybe, I tried frame serving a capture...

Well windows freaks about it so far and yells about no amount being specified or something.

I would have to figuer that one out..., unless I capture raw.

Otherwise someday I should beable to postproccess with some accuracy in the future ^^.


I know that what I do right now does'nt work out right, but I could make it so it does'nt do much at all and not harm a thing, just slightly inprove it.

I'm just trying to inprove as much as I've seen possible, without harming the video.



I've heard the gf66 has some sort of adaptive deinterlacer, maybe it's great, maybe it's just ok.

If I'm lazy enough and it's just ok(harms the video) then I could use that, heck I could leave it as the orginal state and you would probably never know on a tv.

I don't have a tv though lol, so I got to do something.


I know there's ton of diffrent solutions out there, push of a button and it's done ones too.


I could make a time index for the varible fps counter and place in it in a mkv container as well ;), have'nt done that yet but I've done a mkv container before.


I may do that with avc/h.264 in the near future.

But I'd like to post process if possible without harming anything, which will take more work.

I'd like to see dvd's that are'nt messed up^^, and I'm sure it could'nt hurt to doit on capturing either just in case it's possible to actually get that higher res in some areas.


Oh there was another way but I've never done it^^, fixing the frame rate at 120fps or somehting when post pressing it, supposdly it'll beable to piece together a varible rate video, ie one with say ntsc and film mixxed, etc.



I know a little bit about the frame rate too, generally anyways.


/// Frame Rates:


(Decimal Points Are Added Afterwards In The FPS)




30 frames = 60 fields = 15,750 scan lines., 525 x 30


Standered NTSC:

15750 Hz * 227.5 = 3583125 MHz

15750 Hz / 525 = 30 FPS


Frame Drop NTSC (Color):

157345 Hz * 227.5 = 357959875 Mhz

157345 Hz / 525 = 29.970476190476190476190476190476 FPS





25 Frames Per Second = 50 fields = 15,625 scan lines.. 625 * 25


Standered PAL?:

156250 Hz * 227.5 = 35546875 Mhz ? (Not Sure If This Is The Formula For PAL's Crystal)

15625 Hz / 625 = 25 FPS





24 Frame Per Second = 48 Fields = ? Scanlines., ? * ?



You asked anyways lol :), at least you knew what I was talking about before, that was cool.

I've checked out doom9's forums before from google results, been to other places too.




You have a toaster ^^, heheh wow! :D.

I can't really afford something like that probably, would depend I guess, but defently not right now ;).

Gonna order a $200 video card on friday or saturday, given that I have no job that's not bad I guess but I'm pushing my luck as it is.

Still is be nice to upgrade from a messed up gf4ti(modified hardware id, software bios id, and a few sets of timings) to a gf6 6600gt, which I will mod after I see it's initially running without problems.


Anyways I remember the toasters :), I used to see magazines that had stuff about them in them, like parts for sale.

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PAE actually has nothing to do with DEP ;).

PAE is a form of addressing memory.



"Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Intel have defined and shipped Windows-compatible architectures that are compatible with DEP.


Beginning with Windows XP SP2, the 32-bit version of Windows uses one of the following:

• The no-execute page-protection (NX) processor feature as defined by AMD.

• The Execute Disable Bit (XD) feature as defined by Intel.

To use these processor features, the processor must be running in Physical Address Extension (PAE) mode. However, Windows will automatically enable PAE mode to support DEP. Users do not have to separately enable PAE by using the /PAE boot switch." ;)


My XP proc systems do not have it activated automatically running XP SP2 while it magically appeared with my two A64 systems. My link in my original post is where the quote comes from.

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How does PAE affect system performance?

After reading this thread I noticed my machine has it enabled also, but wile the registry key is there my boot.ini file doesnt have /PAE in it so it appears I can not turn it off.

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PAE has been around before dep....

Oh and btw...

I have pae lol.

I dn have dep, except for the software ver of it based in windows, which I disabled somewhat with another boot.ini tweak(you could see that in my previous post).


I believe it's been around since the p2 or sometimes after that then, or before it I dn.

Intel and amd have had it for a long time.


We should all have pse as well, but I would'nt reccomend that one.



The speed..

It should slow you down by default, on everyday things.

At least it's supposed to, the way it handles it's page table entries or something.

I can't really remember how it went, can't blame me lol, I never wanted to see that stuff again unless I got some more memmory ;).


Did'nt finish the 256meg patch because 2kpro was better at managing that much memory then 2k3 was.

Then again 2k leaks memory..., dn about ur1 though, I just know that sp4 does.



From what I remember reading, default it should be slower or something because of windows.

Plus I think I remember it being slower at 1st, overall and in sadra's bench's(taking a few benchs at once and comparing them together to get an overall picture of what's happening).


This is all hear say though because I can't really remmeber at all that much.

I did this stuff in the middle of the night, and probably over half a year ago, that portion of it anyways.



With my rig, 1024meg swap, 512megs of ram.

From standered x86 mode, to pae mode using my patch, there is a performance increase for me.

This si the diffrence between windows managing it, and me doing it instead.

I have not did a standered patch, for manual settings.

So I don't know what one is the higher perfomer really.


I use pae because of it's page size.

For video capturing I figuered the larger the page, the better off my hd accessing would be for that.

I was planning on raw, more or less 60fps raw video, uyvy.I was close at the time , non raid too.

Whatever though :).


I redid all my cluster sizes back then too, most of them are right, I dn what the size is of my swap partition.

I'm guessing it's 32k, for less overheard on those smaller files that windows may want to access.

I dn though ^^, maybe it's 64k again, I dn really czare that much right now.



If you want to check the diffrences in the bandwith between the 2 modes, doit.

Rememeber windows is handling it it's self, and it's not exactly 100%, but it's good enough that you should'nt run out of working space.

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PAE has been around before dep....


Very true and not disputed.

"PAE is provided by Intel Pentium Pro and above CPUs (including all Pentium-series processors except the original Pentium and the Pentium MMX), as well as by some compatible processors such as those from AMD. The CPUID flag PAE is assigned for the purpose of identifying CPUs with this capability." I belive Sparc, Alpha and IBM Power PC also may have incorporated this as well.


As pointed out it needed to be implemented with the PAE/ switch to enable it which isn't the case from the original question.

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