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converting NF3 rig over to air


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My NF3 250gb Rig is apart in boxes. Getting ready to set it back up on air. My Cheiftec Matrix case http://www.pcextreme.net/chieftec_matrix1.php has several fans

These 6 fans are on a 6 channel controller

1 120mm lower front (intake)

1 80mm HD bay (intake)

2 x 80 mm rear (exhaust)

92mm blowhole in side pannel (intake)

and a 80mm located at the top of the backside pannel ( exhaust)

Are the fans setup OK?


Artic cooling NV5 on Video card

40mm fan for MEM.


Three questions

1. is this the best to go with http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/thxpforforin.html

2. Panaflo 92mm is recommended, What about this one http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/th92blledsmf.html

3. Would putting the stock heatsink back on the chipset be OK or should I get active cooling for chipset?


This rig OC'd to 2.4GHz. stable everyday


3200+ Newcastle

Antec 550W TP

6800 VC

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Lotsa fans, but you've got a controller, so should be fine! CLASSIC case!


The XP-90 should work great! You can get it $5 cheaper at SVC, but not in stock at the moment (I just checked...) I use a Panaflo on an SI-97 (Socket A brother to XP-90)on my Barton rig, but it's up to you - I remember seein' a pic you posted of your rigs, and didn't you have a huge window in that case? So a little "bling" won't hurt a thing!


I use a $5 Zalman passive cooler on my chipset, works great! (Same speed - see siggy)

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