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S&M stress testing...

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S&M stress testing is definitely giving me a new and much needed insight into the memory I have, as well as getting it to play nice with the system I have. :D


I have basically had to go through and re-verify various timings, speeds, voltages and so on, which I was running at previously and had thought I was getting closer to stable on this rig... *As the buzzer sounds, indicating such being incorrect* :shake:


I was beginning to think that the memory I have is more of what I would term 'Hyjinx' RAM (possibly with the exception of use on Intel and maybe A64/FX rigs), but upon using S&M I've been able to get a better idea of what I need to be doing with it. So now I'll go back to considering it just Hynix memory. :sweat:


It's great to have the use of S&M, as nothing else, I've used prior, has given me the results I've needed and have been looking for; with the exception of Prime95, but it takes much larger portions of time to find the information I've been looking for, and at times has yet to reveal what S&M has. Also, I've had a hard time using Prime95 more consistently because of the time constraints with it and having a lack of use of my rig while running the program.


Anyway, I'm curious as to what others have found using S&M. In addition, I want to say thanks for those who've dug it up, presented it here for us, and also thanks to the developer(s) of it (unsure if there's more than one, have yet to look into that). ;)

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Hey Median, After my first few post Shinobi told me to try S&M to check out my rig. It did a good job for me, told me right away that my processor was running good but my memory was funky. I recomend S&M to everyone...

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I can't run anymore stable Prime95 atm (only chnaged liquid cooling to air cooling...temp always 42°C on CPU and 52°C on die)...tried S&M and found the CPU was not ok, so I think it's that and I'm working on it now...

I thought it could be power supply but S&M told me is ok, is it trustable?

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Thanks, I got it here:



I have no idea if the dos ver works or not, so many errors when installing it(it's the prog's fault there man).

But it is on my floppy, if it works I'll put it on dvd, I'm running the windows ver as is though so thanks :).


That 1st link you posted was an oddy, gave me a prmpt to save some sort of blah blah corperate.exe thing whatever it was, seems liek crap...

The 2nd link is cool but no dl's it seems, bbut when I loaded it up in getright's browser, it showed me a few different links and that's how I pulled that one out.



:O, I wonder if the vga heating thing works in dos...

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Defently hard to understand ;).

I've been to russian sites before, but this one, I just could'nt seem to find the dl link for it.


I scolled down a few times, and on more then one page.



Anyways :).

The dos program works fine, just the installer gives off errors, no biggy.

The interface for the dos ver is a bit, well I could'nt tell if it was running or not except for that amd heat thing going up.

Also it must test the video card in dos, because it shows me all my video cards general timings and 2 of the other 32bit sets if you know what I mean.

(For the nvidia cards, nv_pfb_timing0 and etc I think that were called, unless that was some of the other sets, whatever, you'll probably understand if you've modified the timings on a nvdia card before).


Anyways I dn about the dos ver, my floppy light was on at all times when I ran it.

I would'nt want it accessing a dvd at all times, burn out my dvdrw...



The windows ver :D.

Well, sweet prog I would have to say.


It bsod'ed me 2 times at once in the fpu test ;).

Meaning it had 2 of the same file listed in a bsod.


So I up'ed my vcore from 1.725 to 1.8, no more probs, it passed.


Ok, my setup everday right now for now:


vcore: 1.725 (was)

vmem: 2.8 (I allready knew this was low, but it passes prime)

nb: 1.9 (needed the extra push for the higher multipliers)

vagp: 1.5 (my card does'nt draw much voltage, it's broken and I had to mod some things, should'nt even work)


Ok before this I notcied I would get memory read errors in farcry.

I just started testing 3d again, my card sucks, otherwise I've been playing gtasa alot with np's.

Upping the vmem to 2.9v allowed me to play longer but it would still get errors after a while.

Even 3.0v, I tried it...


I was about to disabled page locking in windows until I got this prog(thaught maybe it was running out of space for a huge page or something).

Even try a lower multi just to make sure, never did any of this yet and now I don't actually need to either.



So you know the background and what I just failed on, the fpu test.

Well I combined vcore: 1.75v(was stable for the fpu test, went to 1.8 1st, then 1.75) with vmem: 2.9v, that got me stable with farcry at 263x9.5 :cool: .


I had no idea that my breakin of the cpu, might of been in fact the fpu and not memory(I thaught it was actually memory but it's what they called breaking in the cpu, blah blah).

Also I had no idea that my breakin was'nt all the way ^^.

I thaught I had to work on 1.7 next, I was trying it but it was defently gonna take a while so I gave it up.

It was still not there at 1.725v, apperently I have not been running at 1.725v and 2500mhz long enough to break it in, and I really had no idea and there was really no way I could tell.


I just thuaght it was my other stick of memory being retarded, NEEDLESS TO SAY THIS PROGRAM ROCKS.

Anyone have doubts?, try it.

It does'nt need some of the more useless services that come with windows, so I can even run it.

Unlike OCCT, that uses services I allready trashed out of windows lol, I can't even use it.

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Yes it does rock :nod: Prime95 & Memtest seem tame in comparison :D Why run them for hours when you can run S&M for minutes and have it tell you you are unstable.


I had the same problems with the Dos version too Neo, couldn't get it to work. Would be nice if you could because the Windows version is pretty tough and is pretty much guaranteed to cause Bsods if your unstable which can end up meaning corrupt install so a reinstall is in order. Thats happened to me a few times.

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Mazon - Yeah, I found the same. CPU test went fine, but I also needed to look further at my RAM settings. With the memory I'm using, it looks like there's quite a bit of variance, in the timings needed, when going from 216-22xMHz to near 233MHz and up, still messing with those. I really like this program and agree with you on recommending it.


icest0rm - Your PSU has 18A (19.5A max) on the 12V line/rail? If accurate, that might/might not be enough? I'm unsure about the PSU portion of the S&M testing and how 'real world' reflective it is going to be. S&M may not test heavy loads on a rig long enough to reveal inadequacies of a person's PSU? I'm guessing that under heavier loads and over longer periods of time, as with Prime95 and possibly other lengthier methods of testing, a PSU could be found to be insufficient, depending on the PSU and it's overall stability on the various rails and concerning potential output fluctuations. Have you measured the rails with a multimeter under idle/load conditions, at varying times while you're stress testing/benchmarking? Also, are all your temps remaining at decent levels throughout all aspects of testing, or do they reach higher levels under longer periods when loading down your system heavily?


NEOAethyr - I have yet to mess with the floppy version of S&M, but I'll probably do that at some point. It looks rather interesting, it seems to have more than a few options and various tests which can be performed, looks kinda neat.


Shinobi - I want to say thanks to you, because I was reading through a thread, which you had posted in, and it gave a download link for S&M. I have enjoyed using it ever since! Thanks again...

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My power supply has 17a on the +12v rail so..., anythign above that is plain ok on this board, depending on what else you got maybe.


I got alot of fans running, 2 hd's and a dvdrw, etc.

Hopefully it'll handle the gf6 I'm ordering this weekend :).



Amps are'nt allways a indication of a good power supply, I recently saw a power supply with I think it was 19amps on the 12v rail and it blew out on a buds board.

Cheapy for sure, but that cheap?

We had no idea but whatever.

Clean power and durability are #1 I think, then amps, but that's a part of durability too.



Anyways I was doing some more testing for the heck of it.

Noticed that my samsung tcc5 actually wants 2.9v while at 263x9.5.

I tested this in single chan.

That was awake up call I guess, I tested the adata too, but with the values I needed with the samsung, both are fine and both are good to go in dual chan as well.


Once in a while though it'll fail it, then I'll have to reboot, re-insert the memory and it's good to go again.

My slots must not be clean :(, I have had alot of problems with this.

For example I get home from a buds house, and the rig will no longer work once I got it home, I have to re-insert the memory.

Once in a while I'll notice probs, then I'll memtest and I'll get 2 errors per pass, re-insert the memory and it's good to go again.



Anyways I noticed that sometimes I'll get memory erros if my vcore is'nt high enough.

For a while there last night I thaught maybe I needed 1.8v for vcore because I still had mem errors, it was just my mem acting up a bit.

But... I removed my adata and up'ed my vcore to 1.8v and had no errors.


Probably an indication that I should try burning in some more.

I like that prog, it only takes a min or 2 to run through it all.

I use the quick tests, and that seems to doit.

I've allready did the long test on the cache them selves but nothing else yet.


I wish the thing could ignore errors and be setup for loops, so we could use this prog for burnin since it runs into errors so fast.

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It seems to work great in a pe based windows :).


On a generic build, no plugins, maybe a few mods but not many if any from a win2k3 sp1 ent vlm cd, using bart's pe builder.

It works fine like that, and btw there's no speenfan or whatever it is readins at all.

So that means, if you manage to intergrate whatever service mbm needs into your pe disk, you should be able to run mbm with it without probs then.


Unless you need some more classid's or other parts of the registry hives, perhaps a few files, you never know what you'de need but it's never very hard anyways to a new program running in a pe build, I'm sure someone has probably allready done it.


People allready have a complete windows install on cd so I would'nt doubt someone knows how to run mbm5 in windows before it's installed, ie pe....


Anyways you use pe, you don't need a hd, you could even dissconnect them if you wanted to.

Also, it does'nt bsod ^^, at least it has'nt on me, it might but it's harder to since there's only 10 proccesses running at the time on my initial build.


Anyways I also figuered out how to ignore errors in that program, S&M.

In the settings dialog, there is 2 check boxes labled disable safe mode, go ahead and check them.

If you check them it'll continue testing even if it hits errors.


I was able to use this program for about an hour for the heck of trying a cpu burnin, and it's working with much faster results then prime.

I can allready pass both the memory and cpu tests(quick ver's so far, fpu the long ver is'nt there yet but it's better then before), at again 263x9.5 1.725v vcore, the rest is uninportant(same as before, just trying to get vcore down when everything else seems 100% good to go).



If anyone else gives it a go off a cdrom or dvd, or thumb drive, tell us if you manage to start breakin in some parts, even if it's slight, but obvious change.

The windows ver that is.


I'm not going to use the dos ver I think, I got prime in windows too so..., that also works in pe, without any pe mods probably of course(mine does'nt run explorer so I doubt I did much, maybe a few hex'ed files and some hive chnages, like I said not that much, no major changes to what it could understand).


As is next bootable dvd of mine is going to have this program on it :cool: .

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