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Sli DR wont post

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this is interesting i tried a different PSU and it just gave 4 led lights and no i cant even enter the bios

I had the same problem happened to me, and when I reset cmos , nothing happens at all, I get to one light and it freezes at first screen showing cpu info and ram info, and I can't even turn it off with button I had to switch PSU off. If that's the smae thing happening to you do this, but do it at your own risk, I've done it many times and it works usually this happens to me when I'm messing around with ram timing.


shot system off

disconnect power supply and wait for the led light to go off.

take out battery

switch the cmos jumper to 2-3 position

with battery off and jumper in 2-3 position start the system


it will start up and even load the window that way, but you can enter bios and set default settings, save and exit then you can power down your system, put your battery back on and switch the jumper back to normal.


Hope that works for you, it works for me every single time. I actually made a post about it asking how come this works but I got no feed back from the guru's here:




Good luck

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