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Unstable accdg to OCCT

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I ran the OCCT and it stopped testing my system because it is unstable. Given my specs below, could someone help me troubleshoot it?




Motherboard Model: DFI NF4 Ultra D

CPU Model: X2 3800+

Menory Type: OCZ42001024eldcper2k





Page #1


FSB Bus Frequency 250

LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio Auto

LDT Bus Transfer Width 16:16

CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio x10

PCI-Express Frequency 100

K8 Cool 'n' Quiet Support Disable

CPU VID Startup Voltage Control 1.5

CPU VID Control 1.25

CPU VID Special Control Above 123%

LDT Voltage Control 1.3

Chipset Voltage Control 1.7

DRAM Voltage Control 2.8

**DRAM+.03 Voltage Control Disable


Page #2


Dram Frequency Set(Mhz) 200

Command Per Clock(CPC) Enable

CAS Latency Control(tCL) 2.5

RAS# to CAS# Delay(tRCD) 3

Min RAS# Active Timing(tRAS) 07

Row Precharge Timing(tRP) 3

Row Cycle Time(tRC) 07

Row Refresh Cycle Time(tRFC) 16

Row to Row Delay (tRRD) 03

Write Recovery Time(tWR) 03

Write to Read Delay(tWTR) 02

Read to Write Delay(tRTW) 03

Refresh Period(tREF) 4708

Write CAS# Latency(tWCL) Auto

DRAM Bank Interleave Enable

DQS Skew Control Auto

DQS Skew Value 0

DRAM Drive Strength 6

DRAM Data Drive Strength 2

Max Async Latency 7

**DRAM Response Time Fastest

Read Preamble Time Auto

Idle Cycle Limit 256

Dynamic Counter Disable

R/W Queue Bypass 16

Bypass Max 7

32 Byte Granulation Disable

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Well first I would test the ram seperatly at that speed , to eliminate the ram factor, second maybe your processor is not ocing well, clock it down and test again, or you may need more voltage but then that's gonna run too hot on air.

I ran into the same problems ocing my 4400+ at 2600mhz evertyhing runs fine except prime95 sometimes gives me errors sometimes it doesn't I had to up the voltage way high to run it stables, so I decided to clock it down to 250x10 which run stable and cool on my XP-90. What I mean by stable is running two instances of prime95 for hours, two instances of superPI and OCCT. prime95 is your ultimate test cause @2600mhz I had no problem with OCCT or superPI yet prime95 would error after an hour or so.

So if you're not passing OCCT, my guess is you won't pass prime95 for sure, and you want to do that before you determine that your PC is stable.

In other words you need to find your sweet spot, whether you up your voltage or clock down a little, it took me two months to do so, just keep trying till you get stable.

Happy OC :)

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Hey Guys,


I still need some help. :confused: Right now, I'm just running at stock speed ( 2 Ghz ). I'm thinking of hitting around 2.4 to 2.6 GHz as long as it's stable.



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Guest Blooz1



Xguy gave you some good advice.


You really should test your CPU and memory for max O/C's before trying to "go for broke".


I'd suggest you do some reading on the proper way to O/C in THunDA's "Definitive DFI A64 Overclocking Guide" (see link below in my sig). If there's something you don't understand, let us know - everyone here is more than will to help and explain.


There's no magic set of numbers that can be applied here - every system is different, even if the parts are similar! It takes an effort and patience, along with testing, and more testing.

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