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which bios is good for my new ram(ch-5)

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hi after my mobo couldnt my rams dual, ı bought new rams.they coming tomorrow.they are twinmos 2*512 mb speed premium ddr 400 mhz.their chips ch-5.ı know they are not so good.but ı have no money for now.and ı must use these.my question,how ı plug new rams.ı need flash a new bios before plug them.which bios good for me.ı know with use tccd-3 and with use utt,bh-5 chips -2.but ı bought ch-5 chips.do ı flash -2 with the same use bh-5.Briefly,ı dont want to match again dual channel problem.and what do am ı before plug my new rams.

thanks ...

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