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UCCC Memory thoughts.

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I wanted to try to get some more information on these UCCC memory modules in this system.


When i first set up the system i had problems with getting it to start, with 2 modules inserted it was impossible to get it to post, but with one single in the bottom orange slot i got it posting so i tossed in the 423-3 bios and tried did the regular "after flashing"-procedure with load optimized and such.


So i go ahead and insert the second stick of ram into the upper orange slot and now it posts but not 100% of the time, power off and sometimes a reboot makes it post, i tried the sticks in the yellow slots too, but if i try to use them the system doesn't start, doesn't matter if i use one or two sticks there.


Ok been happy running like this now, memtest is without errors for 24hours+ and prime95 for 24hours+ and looped 3dm05 and 3dm01 till my eyes bled and system is completely stablem had uptimes of 2 weeks on it and this is overclocked i should say.


Only problem is that i have is that it sometimes posts slow as hell takes maybe a minute for it to post up properly from a soft/cold reboot/power on and sometimes it doesn't even do that it just halts on with the lights on for memory error, and i should also mention that this happens with overclocking and without overclocking.


Any ideas/hints or tips on what could be causing this or should i put my trust into a bios in the future will fix this?

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All 4 power connectors plugged into the board?

Is that a 24pin power supply?


# Using 1 stick,

# Flash the BIOS to 704-2BTA.


# After the flash, turn the pc off

# Remove the power cord.

# Clear the CMOS for 10mins

# Make sure you put the cmos jumper back to the save position.

# Power the PC

# Load optmised defaults.

# For each CMOS RELOADED profile save the current setting.

# Save and exit

# Enter the BIOS


# Set the memory voltage to 2.7v

# Save and exit.

# Turn off

# Try 2 sticks (in the orange slots)



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