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i heared alot about Burn In.. some say it works, some say it doesent at all.. so i decided to try it myself..


I use program called CPU Burn-In.. before burning i was stable @ 2684Mhz on 1,54v.. after burning i was pi32 stable @ 2750Mhz.. I was doing it like this: with ClockGen i raised fsb+2 till it failed pi32m calculation.. then i burned for 8 hours ans see if it passes..


i guess it works for now.. here i have some questions..


1. Is tool i use good for burning?

2. How much should I burn?

3. Is the way i burned the right one, or u know something better?

4. Can i damage something?

5. I want to burn in my ram also.. should i burn in each stick seperately?

6. Where to start burning ram? Is 3,3V ok?



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