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Sponge bob

one little prob, and one big (twinmos twister & sli dr)

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hello , 1# post

im having problems with my twinmos twister pc3200

they can do 227 2-2-2-7 mhz stable @3,1v and agressiv little settings

they can do 230-235 mhz SPii 1m but if i ad voltage, like 3,3v i get bsod , or my mem dosent OC anymore at all .


and one thing more i cant use ANY yellow slots, maybe it helps but i cant use them.

bios is atm 702-2



edit: im litte njuub editing those setings :

DQS Skew Control - Auto

DQS Skew Value - 0

DRAM Drive Strength - Level 7

DRAM Data Drive Strength - Level 1

Max Async Latency - 9

DRAM Response Time - Fast

Read Preamble Time - 5.5

IdleCycle Limit - 256 Cycles

Dynamic Counter - Disable

R/W Queue Bypass - 16 x

Bypass Max - 07 x

32 Byte Granularity - Disable(8 Bursts)


maybe some one can tell what shoul i use for my mem.

(those setings are just copied fromd another thread, just what i have to use for my UTT bh5 )

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Exactly the same problem, can't get past ~230Mhz, Memtest is stable, but Prime - No Way... Now runnin' at 200Mhz | 2,9VDimm | 1,5-2-2-0 ...


Any help?

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