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Problem running 2x1gig mem (I'm Stumped)

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Everything in sig except trying to run a 2x1gig kit of OCZ 3200 Plats.....

The board will post and I can enter bios @ default 200mhz HTT, but I cannot run memtest or boot into windows if the mem is over 180mhz.

At 181mhz, I get an endless cycle of " detecting array" reboots. I narrowed that down to "bank interleave" and dissabling that gets me to memtest where it freezes at 50% on test 0 ?? Changing CPC 2T, Timings , vdimm, multi, Vcore.....nothing changes that 180mhz limit.


Both sticks have been tested separately @ 208mhz (2-3-2-5) and are memtest and prime stable.....


So here is the confusing part.

Simply changing the divider using A64 tweaker, I can run the mem @ 201mhz. All benches run show the higher bandwidth reported is real and this is 18 hours Prime stable followed by a 6 hour BF2 marathon?!?!?


I don't mind the 2 seconds it takes to change the dividers once in windows, but not knowing WHY this is working is driving me nuts :tooth:



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