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CMOS resetting (interesting experience)????

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I had a strange experience and I thought I would like to share it with my fellow DFI-ers here, and maybe the uber techs can elaborate on it


I had some problems last night while tweaking the memory , the computer froze on startup and stopped responding, it would go to the first screen displays one or two lines up to CPU info and freezes.


So I thought oops OK let me reset CMOS. I always thought the procedure was, disconnect power , remove battery, change jumper from 1-2 to 2-3 ,wait a few seconds, change jumpers back , place battery back, power up , right??


Well system would not power up after many attempt, I tried waiting longer as suggested here in some posts.


Now here is the kicker, I read somewhere about USB devices causing problems , so I disconnected USB devices, and I tried to power up, but I realized that I had forgotten to place the battery back and change the jumper back, I was like oh shiit now I'm gonna do some damage , however the computer started back up no problem, even booted into windows so I shut it down placed evertyhing back including USB devices and I was fine, until the next crash of course :) I guess I didn't learn my lesson.


But on the next crash I didn't even bother removing USB devices, and again it wouldn't boot with the normal CMOS clear procedure, but I was able everytime to boot it with jumper in 2-3 and battery off.


Now I dunno if battery off had any significance or the jumper been in 2-3 I didn't wanna test either.


Am I missing something here? is this the way you're supposed to reset CMOS on DFI boards ??? or did I just discover a faster way then waiting all night as some suggest here?


Well wahtever it is , it worked like a charm.


AG, Rgone what's your thoughts on this???



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well that is not normal procedure for clearing CMOS in somecases though it could be dangerous to the board apparently, but if it works then great aslong as no harm has been done, i'm sure this may be of use to other peeps with simlar problems

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