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Problem with the Karajan Audio

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I recently finished build. Everything works good w/o overclocking..(not at that point yet)...except for one thing.

I plugged in my old speakers into the sound card and nothing no sound. There is no signs of any errors - HW manager is fine. Nothin in event viewer. Went into DX diag and tried testing sounds - nothing. The speakers work - (in old rig) so I am thinking that this little Karajan might be the problem. It's in the board pretty good I just don't know what else to think of other than trying to RMA this little bugger....... Any advice on where to turn. Oh and I checked my ears too - The Wife thinks I'm deaf but I can hear others ok....

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make sure AC97 is enabled in the BIOS


make sure the module is inserted correctly to the board


make sure the speakers have power from wall outlet


make sure speakers are plugged into audio module correctly


make sure you have not touched any of the audio jumpers either on the module or near the module on the board


I only use the Nvidia chipset drivers audio for the NF4, so don't know much about the Realtek drivers.

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