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Corsair VS 1x2gb I can only use 166 divider


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Memory spec in my sig.


Ok, i carried over my 2x1gb of Corsair Vale Select from my NF3 pc to my new NF4 build.

I also carried over everything else from my Nf3 except moving to the Utra-D and a 7800GTX instead of a 6800GT.


Now on my old setup using a Neo2 Plat mobo, my Winnie cpu and Corsair ram played well together. (good for a 2.6ghz oc that i ran daily for months)


But on my new Ultra-D setup, i cant even get the dividers to work with the Corsair VS except for the 166 divider.


Now if i throw in some old Bh-5 i have here, all is fine, but i only have 512mb of that! (2x256)


Searching on here and several other hardware forums, all i ever see is people with 2x512 of Corsair VS and its cas 2.5


ANYONE out there have this board running with 2x1gb of Corsair VS that can share some settings / tips?

BTW: Default ram timings are 8-3-3-3 @ 400mhz and thats what i'm running.



I just dont get it, when using a divider to keep the ram in spec, my assumption was the cpu's memory controller was all that mattered after that, as long as the ram was in spec.

But i'm using the SAME cpu i was using in my old setup and i had access to ALL dividers then, why not now?


I see posts on here saying "why buy a performance motherboard and then use VALUE ram?"


Well, like everyone else, i didnt think the higher performance memory was needed since i'm using a divider to keep the ram in spec.


So the mobo DEFINATELY comes into play when using different types of ram, not just the cpu memory controller / ram compatability.

So hopefully hitting on the right bios settings would help i think.


But boy is it tough finding those settings when you choose a divider to test and are stuck resetting the CMOS!


Oh and ive tried the 310 , 623-3 , and Big toe modded bios so far, all have same result.


ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, upped voltage to 2.7 and 2.8, same result.


Not sure what chips my ram is using.


This is whats printed on the individual chips themselves .



64M8BDC IN1100525



This is whats on the sticker on the dimms.


780 - 0524106 - 0 - 798520



Any other way to tell what chips they are besides that?


I'm assuming you are both using 2x1gb sticks sucessfully with this mobo?




WOW! 255Mhz!

I'll give those settings a shot. THNX

Do all your dividers work?

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