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Prime95 Errors by NOT Overclocking. Help Please

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The thing happened by electric city shut down so my computer was turned off.

After that it was error, couldn't boot or after boot, it was reset.


so I reinstalled WinXP(refresh install) and using the current driver from DFI web page including new Bios version.


I set everything back to normal Not overclock. And using Memtest (it pass, no error) before installed WinXP. (10x200Hz 1.50v +104% Ram 2-2-2-8 2.8v)


After installed, I tested by Memtest again and it works fine

So after I installed Mainboard driver, I tested by running Prime95 but it was error.

Then I change to test by S&M software and it gets error as well.


do you think what happen with my desktop?


FYI: Before this happen, I ran my cpu at 10x230 Hz 1.450v +104% 4X

Ram Ballistix PC3200 2.5-2-2-8 2.8v

And tested Prime95 24hrs without error.

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Have you tryed running prime95 with just one stick of ram?

Also how long is it taking prime95 to error?

Thanks for suggestion, I'll try and post the result again.


Last night I ran by using Multipler 9X200 MHz so it has error too.

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