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USB Ports deceased!?!?

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Chipset fan is working and has never had more than default voltage through it.


Directx 9.0c is slipstreamed into my XP install.


I tried completely re-installing the whole system from scratch, clear CMOS new flash of 711, XP then 5.10s then Windows update etc etc.


In device manager all devices appear correct untill I connect a USB device of any kind where it reports as unknown device under the USB tree.


On a side note, still no reply from Wendell about whether or not he will accept my RMA. I must say I'm a little disappointed that they can reject my RMA out of hand with in 15 minutes of recieving my request yet after I provide them with detailed and thourough information about my problem they still haven't replied in over 18 hours :confused:

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i had only one problem with this board and that was that my usb-keyboard disappeared in windows on any given moment, switched to ps/2.


inspite of everything working ok with this board i'am afraid that in the long term it can destroy my other hardware like ram, video and soundcard. I read some alarming topics everywhere.

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same thing just happened to me last night. i posted a thread last night about it but seeing as how there is already one here explaining my problem exactly i might as well join up on this thread..


my story is pretty well the same. everything is working fine, im uploading songs to my ipod through usb, using a usb mouse, both are working great. i leave for work.. come home about 9 hours later. usb is dead... "usb device malfunctioned" error pops up.






what do i do?? i tried reinstalling the drivers, pretty much everything you guys tried. i havent reset cmos yet tho. i shall give that a go and see how it works.


how was neweggs rma service on this board? how long did you have the board before you rma'd it? thats the only other option i have if resetting the cmos doesnt work. if newegg wont rma it, how is dfi's rma service? anyone tried??

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Same thing happened to me too a few days ago ( USB along with my floppy) , tried reinstalling drivers , turning USB off and back on in bios, clearing cmos.... nothing.

For me, what finally worked was simply turning the PSU off for a few seconds and when I restarted, everything was back to normal.

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I think the board itself is pandemic. Its pulled from retailers shelves or dfi

is just not shipping anymore. Force the retailer to either credit you towards

a nf4 board or get your money back. Why should you get an "exchanged"

defective product? Any retailer still selling this board and not refunding past

thier policy are selling a board with "known" defective electronics.


The time of beta testers is clearly over. The board is NOT being manufactured

anymore! Whats on the shelves that is being sold is from shady retailers.

You put all your attached hardware at risk, much more cost than this board.

Voltage modulation for one.


Hows the chipset fan? You have to remember, all the beta testers didn't mind

the extra $15 for a Vantec Iceburg replacement hsu for it. And I've had usb

problems too. I do think that voltage modulation throughout all the ic's, ram,

buss', usb, standby, etc... on this board is causing all of its problems.

Sorta doesn't sound like a bios fix does it? And, you CAN'T say I'm wrong

unless you can prove it!


But the time for beta testing is really, really over !!!!!!!!

Now its time for business. The board cost real hard earned money, its

defective, what has DFI said publicly about it? Denial ain't a river in Egypt,

its a statement unsaid, to consumers, that shows intention.


This week, Ford recalled 4 million vehicles for a cheap cruise control switch

that causes fires in them. 12 lawsuites filed against Ford involving deaths total

1 billion dollars. Ralph Nader says its piecemeal, the number of defective switches

is more like 16 million. The funny thing is these same switches were used for the

last 20 years by Ford.

Toyota, not to left out, this week, recalled 1 million trucks and SUV's claiming

the steering wheel shaft, between the wheel in the cab and the power steering

gear box, could "shatter" fataly killing anybody driving at high speeds and the

occupants of the vehicle. This goes back to 1993, and just so happens I own

one of these.


Demand your money back, I did from my retailer, he is going to credit me the

purchase of a nf4 board. Don't get an exchange, these boards are all defective.

One way to tell is if dfi, solders on about 20 new ic's. Wouldn't it be easier to

ship a new board?



my 2 cents (not an opinion).....

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I'm still on RMA to DFI Europe on this one. Not to impressed with the service so far. I did not recieve an email confirming that they had recieved the board, I had to email and check to see if it had got there a week after I posted it. Not good.


Let us know how it goes bartlette.


I picked up a Neo2 Plat to go on with and must say I'm not much liking that either, I miss the days of UI NFII and Mobile Bartons :(

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ya i had an msi neo2 before this board.. haha dont even want to bother with that one anymore. its boxed up in my closet somewhere. ugh it seems like i always get the defective boards with (good?) reviews haha. oh well ill try asking newegg for an nf4, see how that goes. hopefully well. if not ill just buy one. i cant go without usb ports much longer. and the suspence of what will go wrong next is just too much to bear. ugh i hate unstability.

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