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Antec Neo 12v Rails.....

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Hi Guys....This is my 1st post at this great forum....


Have had the setup in sig for a month now and am starting to go round in circles....O.....fine one day, crashing the next.

This is where I`m at : Components in sig are in Lanboy case..no extras...Have opted for fresh install of xp after reading these forums for the last 3 days (great info)...OCZ in orange slots,2.8v only change from optimized defaults...

Can sometimes get thru xp set-up,sometimes not...Can run Memtest at boot-4hrs last night-no errors.

Cut to the chase...Am starting to think it might be my Neo...specs on label state:

DC Output +12v 18A

+12v 15A

Max Load 32 A


This is right on the money going by PSU threads here.


My Question?

The Neo has modular cables-disconnect the ones you don`t require- it has a bank of 4 outputs and an output on its own (+ 1 fan only header)....

Can anyone identify/inform me which headers I should be using to ensure I am getting both 12v rails? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

Thanx in advance

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davidhammock2000.....hmmm with the antec neo the p4~molex connector is not seperate from any other group of cables....from what I can see you just use one of the molex on the loom....

To Clarify : 1x 24 pin to MB

1x4 pin to MB

. 1x molex to MB

1x fdd pwr to MB

I have the molex and fdd pwr on seperate headers from psu. From what I understand, the p4 connector isn`t molex, its 4 pins in a square grid...

Am plodding along, still getting errors loading xp.....will go back to PATA 200gb and try again

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Well, I am further down the track...

Swapped out ocz Ram for Corsair Value Select ddr400 1gig and am having no problems...atm....don`t think it was psu after all...

Will do forum search (again) and see what I can come up with.

Is this -ocz- Ram worth it?

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Yep I`m back again,

OK...discovered that there may be an issue with san diego core and ocz pc5000 ram....No problem...borrow 3500 venice from good guys at local pc shop,install, same crap.....!!!

3500 is good with corsair VS

3700 is good with corsair VS

I can`t get either cpu`s to play with OCZ pc5000

Can anybody help out? I`m "in-the-loop" as we say...

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