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starting over, ditch nvidia programs?

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hi, i built this computer about 2 weeks ago and although everything is working daily i have had some bugs, difficulties with networking, intermittant and slow internet access, stabibilty issues, random changes in boot order... ect.


so i am completely reformatting and trying new windows install, i have a few questions for the new config.


what programs should i install from the DFI NF4 drivers disk? what programs should i avoid


same question for nvidia 6600gt driver disk


should i install windows xp sp2 immediately?

should i allow automatic updates?

should i run windows xp pro sp2 software firewall?


should i take action to delete and reformat the hard drive myself or just let windows setup create a new partition before reinstalling OS?


any comments or suggestions are appreciated, thanks




BTW: nTUNE will not even allow me to unistall, it has taken on a mind of its own.

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one thing i can say

avoid ntune.....imagine you are a vampire and ntune is the cross..

if u dont have a windows SP2 to instal u should find a tutorial on how to do that

u should have SP2....

i dont use firewall...just the router but i used windows FW for a couple of weeks and i had no problems



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first don't use the drivers form the disk and go to nvidia.com and d/l the latest drivers, install the nf4 drivers then do a reboot then install the 6600gt driver ( which u should get also from nvidia.com )


yes install SP2 and allow updates beside running the firewall won't harm but it is not enough, use something like Free Zonealarm or anything else


let the windows cd reformat ur C: partition during the installation but be sure to choose Quick format



and for sure DON"T EVER USE ntune

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