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cd drive trouble

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I have built up a new machine with a AMD64 3200+, 2 512 Corsair modules, 160GB WDC SATA drive, LiteON 4x DVD burner, 480 watt Allied PSU, Nvidia 5500 agp card.

2 issues, normal video until I play a DVD movie, then it is all washed out. ALL other video is good, games etc. Second issue, I have replaced the DVD drive twice. First, it stopped working 90% of the time. All installs were done with this drive. Then, it would randomly lock up, not play music cd's, not read normal CDs. Replaced it with a second new LiteON drive, worked perfectly for 4 hours, then exact issues as the first drive. When the drive pukes, the whole machine slows down, locks up. Temps are in the mid 40s, cool box.

Memory passed MEM86 and Docmem tests.

BAD video card?

Bad data cable/IDE issue?

Latest nvidia chipset driver...5.55 I think.


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