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X2 bios flash

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Hey Guys,


I am a new member here, and a soon to be DFI owner.


I am just doing some research before all of my parts arrive.


With the DFI SLI-DR, will i be able to flash the bios to the latest using a A64 X2?


I am just confused to wether i will need to flash it using an older supported A64 before being able to use the X2.

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Under normal circumstances I would say yes the board will boot with shipping bios and ONE stick of memory in the topmost Orange memory slot and you should have prepared floppy disk with the updated bios on it and flash "immediately" without playing around and wandering in bios and sight-seeing tours but flash to the latest official 623-3.bin bios from DFI downloads.


Then clear cmos according this procedure before proceeding to try and load up wiindows and taking the grand tour.


Here is the 'official' DFI way of clearing the CMOS:


1. pull power *A/C Power from wall outlet*.

2. pull battery

3. clear cmos jumper for minimum of 30-60 seconds *For Real troublesome systems use 8 hours*.

4. replace cmos jumper to normal position

5. replace battery

6. replace power *A/C Power from wall outlet*.

7. boot to bios and load optimized defaults

8. save and exit

9. boot back to bios and now you can change settings to your liking. *Is what we are trying to get to*.


The above is especially true after some unknown boot failure and after a bios flash.



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I did what Rgone said plus it is a good idea to get the latest NV chipset drivers 6.66 and the graphic drivers 7777 and DirectX 9c burn em to a CD and put the 623-3 bios with diamond flash utility on a floppy (available for D/L at DFI main site). then youll be loaded for bear!!

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