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Flashed BIOS Now Windows Wont Load!!!

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I am fairly new to PC building but managed to get everything up and running last night / this morning i.e windows on the PC and all PCI cards working.


Went on the net and downloaded this bios as my dual core wasn't showing in windows http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bio..._FLAG=A&SITE=UK did the first one not the diamond flash and loaded it through n-tune.


Looked as though it all installed successfully and then the PC restarted itself only now I cannot get windows to boot up at all and when I try to install windows from disk again it gets as far as loading sata driver then hangs on "windows is starting up".


I can still get into the Bios, but when it says how do you want to boot as in windows safe mode, normal etc, it just keeps restarting when I select one.


Anyone have any suggestions on how to get things back on track.


Regards, Nathan :)

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Please read and respect the forum rules and put your complete computer specs in your signature under "user cp" . Also include your bios version and specs of your psu, including brand name and watts. This information helps us to help you. Thank you.


Don't tell me you installed ntune?

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Clear the CMOS for 10 minutes using the CMOS jumper.

- Make sure the PC is off whjen you do this, power cord removed from the mains plug socket

- After the 10 minutes make sure you put the CMOS jumper back to the save position.


Then power the PC and reinstall windows. (see if it works).

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