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Dvd not working..

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Do i need to have the dvd to sound card plug thing in? Because before when i had it in it was making a weird noise. ok i plugged it in and it still dosnt work, am i using the correct bios??

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okie . and your useing the onborad sound card right ?:) is it frimly pluged into the slot it gos in ?:) uninstall the nvidia drivers along with aduio drivers . reboot after that .then install http://www.nvidia.com/object/nforce_nf4_wi...2_amd_6.66.html .and then uncheck the aduio one when ur installing them and install your aduio driver off the cd your mb came with it will be a realtek driver :) and reboot agin . that shuold fix yah .

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Ok well the problem is lol that the cd that came with my mobo broke lol i put a dvd player ontop of my tv and it fell on to the cd and cracked it. Is their anyway i cant get the driver for it? Yes i am using the onboard audio.

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did you not read the driver description? What that driver was 'for'?


Revision 6.37

Driver NVIDIA System Driver

OS Others

File NFref_637_wsv.zip

Size 39,076,893 bytes

Date 2005/01/24

Description NForce chipset Driver for Windows 2003 Server.


You got Windows 2003 server as your operating system? I don't think so!


You have 32 bit XP at home I think you said. It would use this driver which you came to before going so far down the page to get the 6.37wsv drivers.


Revision 6.53

Driver NVIDIA System Driver

OS Window XP

File NFref_653_WinXP2K_eng.zip

Size 32,782,294 bytes

Date 2005/02/24

Description NForce chipset Driver for Windows 2K/XP.


And many are using this realtek driver for sound anyway since there is a realtek phy/codec chip powering the sound.


Revision A3.75

Driver Audio Driver

OS All

File AUD_RealTek A3751.exe

Size 17,626,511 bytes

Date 2005/08/27

Description Windows 98Gold/98se/Me/2000/XP/2003(32/64 bits) for Driver

only. For Windows 98 SE, DirectX®8 is

required to enable advanced features


And NEVER use Ntune with the DFI board and bios unless you want to risk a dead or non-functioning mother board.



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