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need help with divider ram settings PLEASE!


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hi all.


excellent forum! ive had my rig for a while and have only posted now cuz there is so much info around here. its great!


anyway, im having issues with dividers and ram settings (as ive seen some people have been having around here).




my cpu max HTT is 261 at 1.4 w/ 113%


my ram max HTT is 235 at 3.2v with (2-2-2-2) 1T timings


on 1:1 my PC is stable.



im wanting to use 9/10 or even 5/6 to get the most out of the CPU. there are no issues booting into windows etc, so thats ok. its when i run a super PI to test stability it gets a bit frustrating. in either divider i have not been able to complete a 32M test. best i got was about loop 15


i have played with the following ram settings:

tref: 0648 (current value)

DRAM Drive Strength: Auto, 1, 3

DRAM Data Drive Strength: 1

max async: 7, 8, 9

read preamble: 5.5 6, 6.5

idle cycle: 16clocks


* have tried AUTO for all values above as well


it has worked with DRAM interleave off, but after reading more posts on here the performance decrase was noticable. I have not tried it on 2T though.


basically apart from the ram settings above, and my 2-2-2-2 1T timings the rest have been left to AUTO (apart from a bit where i used some settings that someone had here)


if anyone has suggestions as to what ram timings i should use, please let me know!


oh, yeah, have played with main ram timings too!,etc




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Guest Blooz1

I'd agree with Fight Games about upping the drive strength.


How did you come up such a low TREF? I'd try 2560, worked well for me with my Gold VX ram.

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