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Update and questions

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Hello again, I posted a bit ago regarding a build I was working on. You will find the specs in my signature.


I have successfully assembled all the parts and am happy to say I am on that very computer. It was a first for me and quite exciting.


Now, I a question.


As you can see below, my RAM is not exactly the most recommended RAM for this system. However, after flashing to 623-3 and Installing the OS and drivers with one stick, I have been running with two without any issues(both in Orange). My bios settings indicate "AUTO" for all the timings and frequency. Should I mess with setting the bios at all at this point? My system seems to be stable(about to do some heavy graphics for the first time so we'll see).


Besides that and a few minor bugs(front panel HDD/Power LEDs not lit for some reason), I am running error free, thanks in a large part to the great material I've been able to scrounge up here. For that I am very grateful!



EDIT: I've been monitoring my temperatures. At 100% CPU load for about an hour or so, my CPU ran up to 43C. However my Chipset is up to 52C. The fact that my Graphics card sits right over the chipset HSF doesn't help matters. Are these temperatures generally acceptable?

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"If it works, don't fix it". You can totally screw up your system by buggering around with memory settings.


As for the HDD/Power LEDs not working, you probably haven't wired them correctly. If you've got the printed manual handy, go to page #17. The top row are numbered "19 to 1" and the bottom row from "20 to 2" with both #19 and #20 being on the left. The diagram is a bit confusing because it only shows pins 19, 17, 15, 13 in a single block and pins 9, 7, 5, 3 in the other one along the top row. So you have to connect the HDD-LED to pins 3 & 5 on the top row. On the bottom row, the Power-LED which comprises of two separate connectors (usually), goes on pins 6 & 4 with the one with the "-" symbol on it connected to pin #6 (leaving the last pin, #2 unoccupied).


Oh, and your temperature readings are well within range. Nothing to worry about there either. ;)

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Thanks for the tips Worm.


Though I should have heeded your advice about Memory, I went ahead and fiddled with the timings anyway using the suggestions found here.


I was surprised to find no issues at all with my Corsair RAM. Not a peep, system ran Memory test all night with no problems and XP boots normally. I've noticed that my Corsair RAM is Rev. 5.2 which I have not read anything about(most I've seen has been up to Rev. 5.1). I hesitate to say that is the reason my RAM is working so beautifully, but I'm not doing anything different from anyone else, either.

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