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Led's Saved The Day


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Ok to all of you that think all the led's and uv stuff is a waste.


I have had my rig stable @ 3.8ghz on air for day to day use for the last year. For the most part my temps at full load would never go higher then 58c on really hot days with no AC running, this is with a Zalman 7000cu, 2x120mm intake/ exhaust, one 80mm intake window, Tsunami Dream case..

The other day i took everything out to clean it up a bit, installed everything back and noticed i had a hell of alot better temps after cleaning the Zalman..

Was ready to go to bed and noticed that all my led fans where not working :shake:

I looked at my temps and to no surprise my temps where at a blisstering 68c and climbing... Some how one of the wires on my molex had came out causing a short to all my fans...

If i didnt have led fan's i would have never noticed the fans not working..

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