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Dude we just did this.

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what is this storm ? Katrina ? sheesh they are all running together.


Miami is getting hammerd right now and current forecasts have it making landfall in our area after it strengthens once it goes out into the gulf of mexico. *(oh joy we wil be doling a repeat of the photo in the next few days if that is the case.)


I sure hope not. This is one from the series of 100+ that I took when we took the boat upriver when Charlie (?) came through recently. I have not loaded them online except this one.


Here we are headed to the ICW (Intercoastal waterway ) with our Dock lines and some goodies to hold us in place upriver. (we go inland about 20 miles and up a tidal creek to get out of the storm surge. )


THis is my desk, office.


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I am 12 miles inland on a high spot. NO worries.


I will put the disk of pictures online and eventually post a thread about it.


Water gods must be pissed. lol, that scared me cause its uncannily similar to my description of the whole thing.


So far its forcasted to hit somewhere between the panhandle to Big bend to Destin area. But, right now its only supposed to be a 2 at landfall. However the gulf loop current is 90 degrees + and will provide plenty of moisture and heat and allow the storm to intensify if it stalls out whilst over the gulf.



So we wait and watch and worry. Nothing else to do tonight we will make the call on moving the boat again tomorrow. *(will take more pics if we do.)


A cat 1 or a cat cat2 and its no worries and we dont move the boat. If its a cat 3 or a cat 4 its a stock the larder and get ICE and supplies and hunker down after we move the boat.

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