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Easy Backup's

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First off, 4x CD-RW's SUCK! First off they take about 30 minutes or longer to format, and about the same time to burn a 700mb disk. Wah!

I know 10x CD's will offer improvement, and I am thinking about picking some up. But before I do I would like to gather some opinions on the easiest way to back up files, regularly.


I like backing up my files about twice a month, sometimes more. What's the best/easiest/quickest way to do this?


Should I use a 3rd Party Program, and if so which one?

How about adding another small 5-10 gig HD?

Or Should I just stick w/ cd's?


I dont want a zip drive, I'm not a big fan of them, and I couldn't afford a new one if I wanted one anyways :)


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get the good 120MB floppys lol..


I would jst buy another HD and have it run on a switch.. so when you want to back up.. turn it on.. and then copy new files over.. delete old files.. type of thing..


cheaper.. quicker...


and you could do a cool mod with it! :)

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Me....serious? LoL!

Looks like someone been dipping into my wacky-tabacky. :P


No one ever has taken my seriously.....so I gave up a long time ago :D



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