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3 red diagnostic-leds with X2 3800+

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I bought a SLI-DR in June this year. It still didn't run because I didn't have a CPU yet so I kept waiting for it to arrive. A week ago I cancelled the order and bought an X2 3800+ wich arrived this week.


Now when I plug everything in like I always do, I even checked the guide on this forum, it powers up, and gives 3 red leds.

Browsing the manual on the CD (it's not in the book :rolleyes: ) I found out thats a problem with the CPU.

I think this has to do with the BIOS (wich is still the first one I think).


So, How can I flash the new BIOS on it? I'm not scared of hotflashing, but can you do that on every other motherboard? I only did it on identical ones and I don't know anybody who has an SLI-DR I could use to flash.


Thanks in advance


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That's exactly what I had to do. I changed some settings in the BIOS and it gave 3 leds again.


Going to flash now, hopefully I didn't burn the floppy drive last time I used it..



Where can I find the BIOS? Do I have to chose NF4 SLI Infinity? Because that is 621 and 727


Edit again:

Ok, found them in your sig!



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