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Selling a PC!


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I'm currently looking to sell one of my PC's


The specs are as follows (the prices listed are the approximate prices of what they cost new, I am NOT selling the parts individually):


Intel P4 3.0 (socket 478) $190

Intel D865PERL Motherboard $120

1GB(2x512MB) Crucial DDR-400 PC-3200 RAM $100

2x 52x cd-r dvd (one samsung, one lite-on) $100

Floppy drive $10

eVGA GeForce 6800 AGP $190

Soundblaster Audigy $50

Seagate Barracuda 80GB HDD - 7,200 RPM $65

Cisnet Mid-tower Case $100

Ultra X-Connect 500w PSU $100


Total new: $1025 (approximate)


Also looking to sell a monitor with it:


Viewsonic 17" crt a72f $200


If anyone is interested let me know, even if you're not interested, PM me a price that you'd be willing to pay for that.


Looking for $900 for the pc and monitor, if the price seems high, or if you want one or the other PM me with an offer, I will consider any offers you may have.

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