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Forum Rules - Updated September 29th, 2005

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Welcome to DFI-Street. Please take a moment to read the Rules of this forum before you make your first post.


This forums is run by DFI Support techs Happy_Games and RGone. The webmasters/administrators are Happy_Games and momma. Any questions or complaints should be directed to one of us.



  1. 1. This is a help/support forum. We encourage all DFI owners to come here to seek help with any issues, or to talk about DFI-related things such as overclocking.
    This is NOT a place to flame, insult, or spam. Your posts will be deleted without notice by Moderators/Admins. Flaming, insulting, spamming, or breaking of any of these rules repeatedly can and will result in a ban by Moderators/Admins. (see rules 5 & 6)
  2. 2. If you have a complaint about your DFI product, and are willing to be civil and reasonable, please don't be afraid to post in the appropriate section, depending on which motherboard you own.
    If you only wish to cause trouble, don't bother posting.
    Complaints that we cannot help you with should be directed at DFI (www.dfi.com.tw) as we are not Customer Service, only Technical Support.
  3. 3. Stay on topic - this means do not hijack a thread, or post useless information/flaming/insulting in a thread. Users come here for help, not to wade through spam or cursing or insulting.
  4. 4A. Signatures - Updated 8/6/2005
    As of today, August 6th, 2005, EVERYONE that signs up at this forum and posts here MUST put together a signature with detailed system specifications. There is to be no argument about this anymore.
    If you sign up here and wish to post a question for support, you MUST have a signature, or your posts WILL BE DELETED without question.
    If you fail to make a sig and continue creating new threads asking support questions, you WILL be given a 7 day vacation (ban) and warned that if you come back, you MUST FOLLOW THE RULES OF THIS FORUM.
    For details on how to make a signature, please check this link:
    Example of a good signature:
    DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D
    Bios 6/23/2005-3 (date code is more important than the actual bios file name)
    Athlon64 3200+ Venice
    2x512MB OCZ PC3200 BH-5 UTT (OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K)
    2x 80GB Hitachi SATA II hdd
    NEC 3540A DVD-RW
    Pioneer 16X DVDrom
    Sapphire ATI X850XT Platinum Edition
    OCZ Powerstream 520w power supply
    Audigy II ZS sound card
    Windows XP Pro SP 2
    to check your bios date code, either use CPU-Z (http://www.cpuid.org/cpuz.php)
    or check your POST screen during boot:
  5. Signatures may contain images no larger 50kb in size, and be 650x200 pixels.
    Signatures may not be larger than 650x300 pixels total. If you have an image that is 650x200, you may not add any text above or below that will make your sig more than a total area of 650x300.
    below is an example sig of 650x200, 50kb:
    Signatures may not contain offensive material. If you are not sure if something is offensive, it probably is. This is a place for customers to come for help, not to show off their latest bikini-babe pictures etc.
    Signatures may not link to sites containing pornography, warez, anything illegal or deemed offensive. No links of any kind may link to any of the above mentioned places. Failure to heed this rule will result in an automatic permanent ban, and can lead to us reporting you to authorities if necessary.
    If you are reporting a problem or have some questions, please, please, go into your user control panel here at the forums and add your system's specs to your signature.
    This is essential so that I nor anyone else that answers doesn't have to constantly ask (or re-read by scrolling back up or a page back a hundred times) what RAM or video card you have.
    It doesn't have to be pretty (like mine heh)...it just needs to be listed.
    Should include:
    • which model of motherboard and which BIOS version
    • cpu and how you cool it
    • RAM make and specs, 2x256 or 1x512 so we know =) (chip type like Winbond or Samsung or Hynix etc is preferrable too but not necessary)
    • Video card model (radeon 9600XT or FX5950 Ultra etc)
    • Hard drives, either PATA or SATA or both, sizes/models, if you have them in RAID array
    • Sound card or onboard sound. If you are having a problem with onboard or PCI sound audio, list driver version also
    • Other that you might want or need listed (see below this)














Other: If you are having a specific problem, edit your sig for the time being to reflect this. For instance, if you are having a problem with the Soundstorm onboard audio, edit your sig a bit and leave the driver version you are using next to it.


Or say an overclock problem...then list your fastest stable overclock. For instance if you can easily do 230, but need help trying to get to 235 or such, listing your best overclock that is stable enables us to see what settings you have going and can better suggest our opinions in return.


Voltages are good to list to for overclocking problems. If you come and tell us you can hit 200 but not 205, and don't list any voltages or RAM settings, it could be a crapshoot as to what the reason you can't get higher is.


My point is...there are many many many friendly and knowledgable people here. I'm around a lot but not 100% of the time, and besides, if you only would listen to things that I alone told you, you would scare me LOL. Getting verification from me on something PLUS 10 other users giving their thoughts, opinions, experiences is much much better. I can do a lot of things that a lot of you cannot do on these boards...simply by experience and sometimes intimate knowledge. There are things I learn from you guys every day just by reading the communication back and forth between everyone. (I just dont admit i learning from you guys as well cuz it makes me look cheesier heh).


And those people are like me, not psychic. We need as much information about your machine as you can give us. The more the better. Trust me when I say i've seen new forum users post a problem and had his complete specs in his sig and 10 guys jumped in and gave him the right answer right away, with about 3 different variations of how to do it right =). Just because they saw instantly something they have seen themselves and knew right away what to check for!!!


I know I harp on this sig thing alot. But its very important. I want to give you good service, and you want to give good service. You have to give me a little work in the short-run to get a lot of work in the long run ;) I will always answer your questions even if you don't put your specs in your sig. But my answers will seem redundant a lot if I have no clue what is in your machine. It is aggravating to have to exchange up to 5 or more emails just to establish what motherboard model a customer has sometimes!


I don't care if you list it in a colum or separated by // or :: or in a graphic sig...as long as the info is there. Regulars here know that after time, and you learn your rig by heart, you can cut down the sig a little or a lot or such. But at first, or when you have a problem, be as complete as you can!!


You let me know what you got, and me along with everyone else here will always do our best to fix your issues, offer advice, help out in any way.


argh I hate speeches too. Hope everyone reads this, both new users all the way down to the oldest DFI vets :D











[*]6. Harassment/Flaming - Harassing or flaming of users, moderators or admins will not be tolerated. Period. This is a community. Users helping other users with their knowledge and experience is the point of this forum.



[*]7. Spam - spam (posting of useless info, one word posts, etc just to get your post count up) will not be tolerated. (see rule 3)



[*]8. Avatars - Avatars are awarded to certain users based on their contributions to the forum. Please do not ask to be allowed an avatar. If the moderators/admins feel you are deserving of one, they will contact you.



[*]9. Images - linking of images is sometimes necessary. Please do not post images larger than 800x600 with the p><p> (no sense in us recommending Newegg to you if you live in England, but if we don


http://www.angrygames.com/pics/location-1.jpg' alt='location-1.jpg'>







[*]11. - Warez/Illegal Activities: Any posting or discussion of Warez or other illegal software talk, anything illegal, will cause an immediate 7 day ban. No exceptions. Period.


I should not have to explain this as you all know better than to talk about illegal things.


NOTE: I do not want to hear any arguments about whether illegal software downloads are not illegal in YOUR country. They are illegal in USA and that is where this forum is based and you WILL follow the rules or face the consequences.



[*]12. - Multiple Accounts: Yeah so this one is easy...only one account allowed per user. Any violations will result in a swift and permanent ban. Period.



Above all, this is a help forum. DFI Techs are here to assist users by their own choice. Other users are here to share their experience and knowledge in a community setting. Please be civil to everyone, follow the rules we have set, and remember that we created this place to help you, the DFI owner.

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Too many of you are trying to bypass the rules once again


Here is how it is going to be


When you sign up, you will read the rules, and follow them, and make a signature.


Failure to do so will result in an immediate 7 day ban.


I nor the moderators here have time to waste on trying to persuade you to read the rules and make a sig.


You agreed to read the rules and follow them the INSTANT you signed up for this site.




Please understand this is for your own good, not because we like being jerks.


If you are unhappy with these rules, you may choose to never visit this forum again.


If you wish to participate in this forum, you WILL obey the rules.


You are not special, so you do not get any exceptions.


Thank you.

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update June 17, 2006


Rules have been modified a bit...failure to abide by them (ie: have a sig, fill in your location, as well as abide by the rest of the rules) is an immediate 7-day ban.


No exceptions.


Second failure after your account is reinstated = permanent ban.


No exceptions.

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