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NF4 - LOL ~ Chipset Temps ~ Ya Gotta See This!

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How did you attach the fan - did you drill or did you use thermal tape as a glue?
I used the thermal tape that came with the Iceberq4 ramsinks - same as pro7070 did. It's pretty tricky getting the cover off one side of the tape - I used a razor blade.

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The vantec uses a

Bearing: Ball

Speed: 5500RPM

Air Flow 8.6CFM

Noise Level 30dBA


45x45x10mm fan


if you get the Thermalright nb-1

you also get a 45x45x10mm fan but this time it's made by delta with these stats:

Bearing: Dual Ball Bearing System

Speed: 6000 rpm

Air Flow: 11.80 CFM

Noise Level: 34dBA

Yeah, but isn't the Delta fan 45mm square?? The Vantec is 45mm round and fits nicely in the stock heatsink. I'd be concerned that the square fan might not fit in the heatsink.

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