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NF4 Ultra-D> Found cause of the hibernate problem

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Hi All,


I had a problem with hibernate function - system restarted instead of just staying off. Looking through the board I found that it was a known problem with no known solution. I tried everything that other people tried to no avail. Now finally the magic combination of settings that help me completely was (all through the device manager):

1. Keyboard -> properties -> power management: turn off (uncheck) "Allow this device to bring computer out of standby"

2. The same for mouse (properties -> power management: uncheck as above)

3. Network adapter (all of them one by one) -> properties -> power management: turn on (check) "Allow computer to turn off this device"


I don't know if Wake On LAN setting in the driver/BIOS has any effect - I had it turned off from the very beginning and never turned on.



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