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NF3 Mobo has hurt my OC potential

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Hi all.


I've been trying to overclock my proc in this new DFI board with some sad results. this 3200 in my old chaintech board was capable of 2650mhz stable. Now, try as I might, I can't get it that high in the DFI board.


The best OC i've gotten so far is 270x9 @1.7V. I've lost 200 MHz somewhere by going to this board. the chaintech would do [email protected] like it was cake. Can anybody help me get this proc's potential back out of it in this new board?


HTT: 3x

RAM Div: 5/6

V: 1.695

Timings: 3-2-2-8T

Vdimm: 3.1

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Guest bobyjo

OldGuy:Is the person to talk to about this. He has one of the boards like you have and has OC'ed it very well. Just go to nF3 Ultra D thread and send him a message. He would be glad to help out.

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