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NF4 SLI-DR> After Build?

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well i do want to slightly overclock. most of my temps are around 50C so i think i need to wait for my new heatsink and clean up the cable rat nest. can i change these bios settings now and then overclock later?

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a. Genie Bios first page from the top down and remember to turn off all at bottom you are not using.

a1. LTD/FSB = X4.0

a2. CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio Manual Set to what Your Default Multiplier Is.

a3. PCI EX Frequency = 105 ATI video cards Nvidia 100 or 101.

a4. Cpu Startup VID = 1.425 Volts.

a5. CPU VID 1.425 Volts.

a6. CPU VID Special Control = 110% and this is around 1.52Volts total and is far and way fine as I have run it with OEM HSF and never gotten over 46C full tilt with 3000+ Winnie. Note we are trying to throw out all variables and get running and you then tune up or down on your own. Maybe I tell you too much but this is 72 hours worth of work.

a7. LTD voltage = 1.4 Volts.

a8. Chipset Voltage = 1.8 Volts.

a9. Dram Voltage = 2.9 Volts.


5. Genie Bios first entry at top> DRAM CONFIGURATION

a1. 200 Dram Frequency 1:1

a2. Enable CPC

a3. 2.5

a4. 04

a5. 07

a6. 04

a7. 07

a8. 14

a9. 05

a10. 03

a11. 02

a12. 05

a13. 3120

a14. 05

a15. Bank Interleave= DISABLED You want mediocre memory to run don't you? Then disable it and see how much better the thing will clock and do business right now.


a16. Increase Skew = Enabled

a17. Skew Value = 0 (zero)

a18. Dram Drive Strength= Level 6

a19. Dram Data Drive Strength= Level 4



a22. IDLE CYLCE= 256 cycles

a23. DYNAMIC Counter= Disabled

a24. R/W Que Bypass = 16x

a25. ByPass Max 7X

a26. 32 Byte Granularity = Disable 8 Bursts.


~~~these are by RGone


will these work ok for me?

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by changing the bios settings now, you are overclocking now. You can still adjust the bios settings for your ram, to find their "sweet spot". There are some guides to overclocking here, grab a cup of coffee and good luck! You have one helluva system there! I can't wait to see how far you can go, and your benches! The guide will explain how to find your max HTT, max cpu mhz, and max memory mhz (and/or timings). You should go ahead and do the memory (since this is the hardest part, with the most settings), and the HTT, then do the cpu when it's cooling comes.


EDIT: As far as - will those settings work for you? Only one way to find out. No list of settings is going to work for everyone, hopefully someone, but maybe not anyone:( LOL. You just have to try and find out for yourself. You should go read a bunch before diving in. It's not an easy process.

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To answer the question above, yes you can overclock with windows installed. You could also overclock without windows installed, but not a good idea. You need windows based programs to assure your stability of the memory any way. You should run memtest (this program is dos based, and can be enabled in the bios) to check your memory, at stock settings, to be sure your memory is atleast stable first. After a few hours of passes and no errors, then I would install windows - at stock settings, or whatever settings you needed to apply on your ram to get stable with memtest. Once you're in windows and played around awhile, and knowing you're stable here, then begin to overclock. Sometimes a little tweeking is required from the start to get stable. You don't want to jump into overclocking, if you haven't even got stable at stock frequencies. About rGone's settings - These, and others you will find here, are meant as a starting point, or just what other people have achieved with thier components. It's probably rare to just enter those numbers, have it be completely stable, and also be at their own personal max overclock. In the overclocking threads, there is some good guides on top (stickies). After doing some reading of the guides, search for your components, and try using settings that other people have found to be good for them. Here's an outline: Read, Read, Read, Try, Try, Try, then Read, Read, Read,.................................forever and ever till you find your happy resting place (if you ever)

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