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NF4 SLi-DR: Question about activating SATA II

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I think the answer is probably so obvious I shouldn't be asking but I haven't been able to find it written odwn anywhere so figured I'd check in with the experienced members of this forum.


My Hitachi T7K250 HD is an SATA2 drive, buts ships in SATA1 mode. I need to run the manufacturers FTool programme to enable SATA2 (and NCQ I believe). It comes with dire warnings that this will make the drive unusable on any SATA controller that is not SATA2 compliant.


I believe that the NF2 SLi-DR chipset SATA ports (1-4) ARE already SATA2, but do I need to do anything in the BIOS to enable this (I can find a Command Queueing option but no SATA2/1 option)? Do I need to change anything in a Windows driver?


My guess is that all I need to do is enable Command Queueing in the BIOS, run the FTool programme and enable NCQ and SATA2 on the HD and it should all work fine. But given the Warnings i'd like to be sure ;)


Can anyone advise?



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