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Just cus I like you guys - Free Bootdisk

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I'm not going to keep my outdated link up. The version posted above downloads faster and is newer.


It really is the best boot disk that has ever graced my CD ROM.

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very kewl of you guys to share with us.


Here is my personal favorite - Hiren's Boot CD




got everything you need. Everything


Are you ready? HeHeHe


Partition Tools

Partition Magic Pro 8.05

Paragon Partition Manager 6.1.571

Partition Commander 8.01

Ranish Partition Manager 2.44

The Partition Resizer v1.3.4

Smart Fdisk 2.05

SPecial Fdisk

eXtended Fdisk


Disk Clone Tools

ImageCenter 5.6 (Drive Image 2002)

Norton Ghost 8.2

Partition Saver 2.80


Antivirus Tools

F-Prot Antivirus 3.16b

McAfee Antivirus 4.40


Recovery Tools

Active Partition Recovery 3.0

Active Uneraser 3.0

Ontrack Easy Recovery Pro 6.04

Winternals Disk Commander 1.1

TestDisk 5.8

Lost & Found 1.06

DiyDataRecovery Diskpatch 2.1.100

Prosoft Media Tools 5.0 v1.1.2.64


Testing Tools

System Speed Test 4.78

PC-Check 5.50

Ontrack Data Advisor 5.0

The Troubleshooter 7.02

PC Doctor 3.0

Test Cpu/Video/Disk 5.6


RAM (Memory) Testing Tools

DocMemory 2.2b

GoldMemory 6.64

Memtest86+ 1.55


Hard Disk Tools


Hard Disk Diagnostic Utilities

- Seagate Seatools Desktop Edition 3.02

- Western Digital Data Lifeguard Tools

- Western Digital Diagnostics (DLGDIAG) 5.04c

- Maxtor PowerMax 4.21

- Maxtor amset utility 4.0

- Maxtor(or any Hdd) Low Level Formatter 1.1

- Fujitsu HDD Diagnostic Tool 6.30

- Fujitsu IDE Low Level Format 1.0

- Samsung HDD Utility(HUTIL) 1.25

- Samsung Disk Diagnose (SHDIAG) 1.25

- IBM/Hitachi Drive Fitness Test 4.04

- IBM/Hitachi Feature Tool 1.80

- Gateway GwScan 3.15

- MHDD 4.5

HDD Regenerator 1.51

Ontrack Disk Manager 9.57

Norton Disk Doctor 2002

Norton Disk Editor 2002

Active Kill Disk 1.1

SmartUDM 2.00


System Information Tools

Aida16 2.12

PCI and AGP info Tool

System Analyser version 5.3h

Navrátil Software System Information 0.58.6

Astra 5.1

HwInfo 4.96

PC-Config 9.33

SysChk 2.46

CPU Identification utility v1.8

CTIA CPU Information


MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools

MBR Work 1.07b

MBR Tool 2.1.100


BootFix Utility


Boot Partition 2.50

Smart Boot Manager 3.7.1

Bootmagic 8.0



CMOS 0.93

BIOS Cracker 4.6

BIOS Cracker 1.4

BIOS Utility 1.35.0

!BIOS 3.20


UniFlash 1.40



MultiMedia Tools

Picture Viewer 1.94

QuickView Pro 2.54

MpxPlay 1.15


Password Tools

Active Password Changer 2.1

Offline NT/2K/XP Password Changer


NTFS Tools

NTFS Dos Pro 5.0

NTFS 4 Dos 1.4

NTFS Dos 3.02

EditBINI 1.01


Dos File Managers

Volkov Commander 4.99

Dos Command Center 5.1

File Wizard 1.35

File Maven 3.5

FastLynx 2.0

LapLink 5.0

Mini Windows 3.11

Mini Windows 98


Other Tools

DosCDroast beta 2

Universal TCP/IP Network 5.4


Dos Tools

USB CD-Rom Driver 1

Universal USB Driver 2

Interlnk support at COM1

Interlnk support at LPT1

and too many great dos tools...


Windows Tools

SpaceMonger 1.4

Drive Temperature 1.0

Disk Speed1.0

MemTest 1.0

PageDfrg 2.3


Split Join 1.3.3

Ghost Image Explorer 7.0

DriveImage Explorer 5.0

Active Undelete 5.0

Restoration 2.5.14

Startup Control Panel 2.8

Startup Monitor 1.02

IB Process Manager 1.02

HijackThis 1.99

TCPView 2.40

Unknown Devices 1.2

PCI 32 Sniffer 1.1

Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.06


Pretty Kewl, huh?

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Edit : Removed as per request.


Thanks *(yet) again Sound.


Downloading it now and it has some stuff the other ISO does not. I ended up with a link from the thread beneath ther main download and a zipped 7.0 version rather than the 7.2 as it was downloading sooooo much faster.


I have a spare usb pen (128) and will also grab the 7.2 and stick it on a usb pen. *(Guess I got to go read and learn how to do that now.)


Just going to take 1+hours to download it at 8.1KB/sec the 7.2 :(


Now I just have to test the burner. I was not sure if I had the right (working burner ) when I grabbed one from the 3 when I stuck this all together the other day.

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Yeah its downloading a bit slow for me too... Just set my download manager to download it in 4 segments which has helped to up the speed to 40k instead of 10k :)

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I can only promise you that you'll love it.

Yes, takes forever. hehehe.


1st time I got it on the world's slowest bit-torrent link. About 20 hours.

My understanding is it's all legit cause they are DOS versions only.

No cracks or anything else illicit involved here/


burn the image with NERO.



Hey Diddley Dee, a Hiren Boot CD from me. :)

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Hey sound, you rock as always bro. Thanks man! I'm going to grab Hiren as well after the dust settles a bit. It's basically the same disk with the exception that your disk contains about 30 more utilities than mine does. Awesome man. Again, you are the most raging!

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best util ever, sorry if its already been posted



ah yes I think that is the one I have used if not it is very similar and using legal software. Of cource many of the programs are the original free versons and not the latest and more refined for fee versions. That and the fact many of the diagnostic programs are by the maker so they are not going to work with other brands so know what is in your computer- not that people here wouldn't.



Beleve it or not there are tons of people out there happy to help others without charge as long as they get credit for there program.

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