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NF4 SLI-DR: What order to load motherboard CD-ROM

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On the CD-ROM that came with the SLI-DR, I need to load the following drivers.


Audio ---> RealTek Audio Drivers

Tools ---> ITE Smart Guardian (optional)

Network ---> Marvell LAN Drivers

Chipset ---> Microsoft DirectX 9.0C

Chipset ---> nVidia nForce4 System Drivers

Tools ---> nVidia nTune (optional)


I was wondering if there is a recommended order to perform this load?


Another question is regarding the Silicon Image 3114 drivers. There seems to be 3 different options and I don't know which to choose or do I pick all of them? There is "SIL3114 RAID5 Driver and Utility", "SIL3114 RAID Drivers for System Installed with Non-RAID5 ROM", and "SIL3114 RAID Utility for System Installed with Non-RAID5 ROM".


Thank you




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