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NF3 Ultra D> Vcore explanation Please

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Hi guys :)


I was wondering if someone can explain to me how to set the Vcore in my bios.

Ive got the first setting on default, and the second setting on +0.4

This gives me a Vcore of 1.6 in the bios, and 1.58 in speed fan.

Temps seem to be holding at 39 idle 47 - 49 load according to NVMonitor


I know Im doing something wrong, but if I set the first setting to 1.4 and the second setting to +0.2 it has a hard time posting :confused:

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Are you able to boot at stock speeds? Leaving voltages at default and auto? I personally feel uncomfortable running my SD at anything over 1.6V, like to keep my max temps well away from 50 degrees C


Voltage Table from the Stock BIOS


CPU VID 1.50 = 1.44V

CPU VID 1.55 = 1.50V


Default +.1 = 1.38V

Default +.2 = 1.46V

Default +.3 = 1.51V

Default +.4 = 1.63V

Default +.5 = 1.67V

Default +.6 = 1.76V

Default +.7 - No Thanks!


1.55V +Default = 1.50

1.55V +.1 = 1.54V

1.55V +.2 = 1.64V

1.55V +.3 = 1.69V

1.55V +.4 = 1.83V

1.55V +.5 - No Thanks!

1.55V +.6 - No Thanks!

1.55V +.7 - No Thanks!

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Thanks, you guys are very helpful. Ill watch the temps ;) The heat spreader comes off tomorrow and the water cooling goes on :) I'm going to see how far I push this baby on water.

I think ill hit the wall on the ram, and have to buy some G-Skill PC4400 to get it to 3.0 GHZ though.


I just wanted to make sure I understood the Vcore controls first. Thanks :)

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