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NF4 ULTRA-D> final specs...

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RAID-0+1 is considered a "nested RAID" configuration. It requires a minimum of four drives. RAID-0 uses at least two drives in each stripped array. RAID-1 is simply a mirror of a drive or in this case a two drive array.


RAID-0+1 will always have an even number of drives.


See here for a discussion on nested RAID setups...



Also... as far as i know you would need 5 disk to do a stripe + mirror and backup configuration with your disks, that would be a Raid 1+0 setup (four disks) and a backup disk.., i just dont see the use of Mirroring your whole array, maybe if you are using WXP you could just do a mirror partition betwen two dynamic disks; the downside would be that dynamic partitions cant host an non Windows Operating system.


What im planning to do is creating two stripe sets and just have a backup job that keeps a backup partition equal on both, that way i can host other operating systems, performance and redundancy without wasting too much drive space... Altought its a Terabyte in marketing terms*1,000kb instead of 1,024kb*, having the most available is always nice ;)

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