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NF4 SLI-DR rig...un-stable at stock speeds

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Thanks for the advice, MoodyDragon. I'll definitely give 510 a try and report back on how everything behaves.


Looking at this site, would you recommend the 510-2FIX or the 510B bios? Or are they the same thing?


I recommend the 1fix, 2fix or the 3 fix versions starting with 2fix ... The B bios is a fix for dual core cpus if I read the description ont he site you provided... so probably not one for you.


Good luck!

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Yes all 4 power connectors have to be plugged into the board.

They provide more power to the GFX/CPU/Board.


Try increasing the memory voltage to 3.0v.


And try to test another video card, a faulty one can make the pc unstable.

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First of all I want to say thanks to everyone for advice and tips. While I'm still a little hesitant to call this thing "fixed", I think I'm getting very close! I think that I've been able to determine that my problems were actually caused by two seperate issues:


Problem #1 = I hadn't plugged in the 5V FDD connector to the MB. I had thought that this was only needed to permit additional RAM voltages, but I was wrong and my SLI-DR requires it for stability.


Problem #2 = One of my DIMM modules is bad. When I had earlier tested them individually for stability, I experienced crashes with both modules, probably due to Problem #1.


After plugging in the FDD connector I was still experiencing problems. I ran numerous tests which resulted in crashes and errors. It seemed to me that these problems pointed to either memory or the video card. So last night i remembered that I hadn't re-tested the each DIMM module since making lots of changes, and so I spent the morning swaping them in and out and testing each of them.


My bad DIMM module is returning errors in Super PI SSE2 stating "NOT CONVERGENT IN SQR". It crashes nearly immediately upon starting 3DMark05, during NWN, KOTOR2, and crashed several times under general windows use.


The good DIMM module hasn't crashed yet (*knocks on wood*). It allowed me to finally pass 3DMark05 over 10 times consecutively, passes PCMark05 (including the Memory tests), runs NWN and KOTOR. With just this memory module, I've overclocked the MB to 225 FSB and the Video Card to a core of 550 and so far it is still running like a champ.


I'm planning to run a lot more tests to be absolutely sure, but at this point things are looking a lot better than they were a day ago. :) I'm also going to talk to OCZ about getting an RMA on this DIMM.


Thanks again! I'll report back if I have any more problems or to let everyone know how everything finally turns out.

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