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Why does lowering LDT lower stability?


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I'm trying, without any luck, to achieve 2.5GHz Prime stable.


I thought why not try lowering the LDT from 4x to 3x? So I did, but the system is less stable than it was at 4x LDT! Err... why?


All BIOS settings exactly the same apart from LDT:


250x10 (2500MHz), 1.6vcore (1.3v *123%),

9:10 divider (227MHz), 3.0vdimm


At 4x LDT, the system is Prime stable from anywhere between 20mins and 5 hours.


At 3x LDT, the system reboots as soon as I try getting past the login screen.


This doesn't make sense. I thought I was slowly beginning to understand this board and AMD 64 overclocking.

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