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It'd happening again...Black screen...

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About 5 months ago, i put together a new system using whats listed in my sig. I had TONS of issues with it then. When I first put it together, I couldnt get it to boot, the screen would just remain black. Some folks on this board helped me resolve that problem by removing a stick of memory. Then, when it finally did boot, I was able to installed windows, but the problems didnt stop there. I would constantly get blue screens of death and/or the computer would freeze (with both sticks or just one stick installed). I ran memtest and found about 60 errors in a 8 hour period.


Well, eventually, OCZ agreed to replace my RAM (actually, then even upgraded me to the Rev 2 series). Since the new RAM, I havent had the same problems (Though, booting any AOL software would cause the IRQL blue screen of death).


Well, as of late, I've encounteered SERIOUS gitter in games (especially BF2). Sometimes, the game will freeze (graphically) for seconds at a time, then resume (and no, this doesnt just happen at the beginning of rounds as the textures load)


Now, on to the problem at hand....


Today, I opened WMP and seconds later, the screen went black. The monitor was still on and it was still receiving a signal (light was green), but the screen was completely black. I rebooted but the problem remained. Next, I tried swtiching out the memory; one stick at a time, both sticks in different slots, etc. It didn't work. Then, I tried disconnecting the floppy, but that didnt do anything either.


I'm at wits end....


I'm beginning to suspect this is a bad motherboard...and if so, can I still get it exchanged?


Thanks in advance for any help...



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I thought it was the video card at first as well, but I did a visual check and the fan is spinning fine and the temperature around it seems normal. I also checked how the card is seated and it's secure.


I set the voltage to 2.8 a while back. I'd play around with the BIOS now if I could see them that is....

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Allllrighty. I let the computer sit for about 5-10 minutes, then when I came back into the room, the screen was back on. NO idea whats going on anymore. There is currently one stick of RAM inside in the #2 slot.


I checked the gfx card temp and it read 60 degrees; well below the 135 threshold.

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