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Very happy new DFI NF4 Ultra-D user here...

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I've been a long time ASUS and Intel user and just finished a rebuild of my rig with the DFI NF4 Ultra-D:

  • Had a P4C800-E Deluxe with a P4 3.0 Northwood which worked well stock but wouldn't overclock worth beans with my 4x512 Mushkin PC3500 (maybe because I'm a n00b at overclocking though).
  • I need workstation graphics so Riva-tuned a BFG 6800Ultra to Quadro 4000 (AGP) which worked great.
  • Wanted to try the AMDs which seamed to out-perform the Intel everywhere. Looked at the DFI NF3 S939 'cause I wanted to keep the AGP graphics. Then got nervous from the DFI NF3 thread but decided to convert to PCI-E anyway.
  • First tried the ASUS A8N-E 'cause I always liked the ASUS and liked that I could install a passive Zalman chipset heatsink.
  • Next tried the ASUS A8N-SLI Premium but it wouldn't work with my RAID card or my IOGEAR USB KVM. Also, fastest I could run it was 245x11 1:1. I posted questions about these issues on the ASUS forums but received ZERO responses after two days of waiting. (Even called tech support, got to level 3, but still no solutions).
  • Then after seeing the great user support and community here, I decided to throw caution to the wind and made a trip to Fry's for the DFI NF4 Ultra-D.

After having the board for 3 days now, basically I LOVE this board!. It ran fine OOTB, but I learned one does have to read up on the great posts on this site in order to understand the basics and tune the board for the best results. After doing that, I found it easier to use than I once feared AND I am very satisfied with the results, being a DFI n00b and all. The posts that i referenced the most so far are:

Right now, it's 2H 50M into the OCCT torture test. So far so good. Thank you Angry_Games, ThunDA, johnrr6 and everyone else for your help. You definitely help differentiate DFI. I'm going to post some screenies and pics of my rig as soon as my camera battery is done charging. :)


Update: Here's the screens and pics...


OCCT ran for 3.5 hours, now running Prime95 for three hours+ so far...







Side: (I'd like to lose the internal floppy now and use my USB key drive which I finally made bootable from a post on this site. I have to make sure my usb floppy works first though, which it didn't on my ASUS board.)



Custom passive chipset cooler:


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I guess I could see someone wanting to go back to ASUS maybe because of the comprehensive bios options. But at this point, unless something unforseen happens which I doubt, I see the ASUS board as way too simplistic. All you gotta do is understand the board, the options, and how your components fit. The DFI board basically gives the ability to further the potential of the CPU and RAM where the ASUS stops. That 's my n00b experience so far anyway.

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An ASUS to DFI user.


I have seen some DFI nF4 users switch to ASUS, I wonder if they are considering another swap? ASUS to ABIT :)


Welcome to the real world.


LOL Dont go to Abit My last 5 builds were Abit but of late their Bios have really been sloppy I just dont know what happened to them. This time I tried the DFI and Im pleased so far. But then puters are like that. This build is going fine save for a DOA PSU.... always something huh

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