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Need some advice, related to the stickied OCing Guide

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Hi all


I've built my own computers for some time now, but have yet to mess with overclocking (really, because I had no need to really before), but seeing as my processor & video card are a tad outdated now, I figure why not give them some juice :)


I'm confused about a section in the stickied overclocking guide, however.


In the beginning, for "Finding the max of your CPU" section, I have so far:

-Set the Frequency to 11x instead of AUTO (200 x 11 = 2211 for my 3500+. stock)

-Lowered the Frequency Ratio to 3x (from 4x, going by the guides instructions)

-Set my RAM ratio all the way down to 100 (from 200, I have good RAM)


But here is where I get confused.. It then wants me to change the CPU VID (Voltage Identification) Control (CPU Vcore), and says it is best to stick around 1.6v to 1.65v..


The CURRENT setting says "CPU VID Control: VID pass mode"

and the CPU voltage is only 1.37v (and in windows xp, motherboard monitor 5 says "Vcore+VID: 1.37~1.39").. Furthuremore, inside of CPU VID Control it maxes out at only 1.525v I think.. nowhere near the mentioned 1.6 or 1.65v in the guide.. There is also a Voltage Adjustment button that allows me to increase in 0.1v - 0.7v increments also.. I'm just confused as to what the next step is.. Why is it currently running at only 1.37v ? Am I supposed to increase this? If so, do I change the CPU VID Control or do the CPU Voltage Adjustment (And there is no way to decrease inside of that menu I'm pretty sure)


I haven't tried upping the HTT at all because I just need a bit of guidance, you were all here once I'm sure :)


Thanks in advance!!


edit1: CPU-Z says my 3500+ is a NewCastle

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Also, I have no CPU VID Special Control (to adjust in %s like the chart shows)

I just have CPU VID Control that maxes out at 1.550v.. Where is the % adjustments?

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In the guide it shows DFI NF3 250GB UT VOLTAGES and a huge chart with CPU VID x CPU VID Special, which is for my EXACT motherboard, yet I can't find these %'s anywhere in BIOS..



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Hi duckdown..


Sorry the guide was written around the NF4 series .. Most of it should be very similar if not the same.. I guess the vcore is setup differently on the NF3 Ultra-D..


Im pretty sure this is how yours works..


"CPU VID Control" = This is your cpu vcore..


"CPU Voltage Adjusting" = This is just like the % option on the NF4 boards.. But instead of adding more voltage in % it just adds the value you choose..




If you have the VID Control set to 1.5v and the CPU Voltage Adjusting set to +0.3v.. It would give you 1.8vcore.. 1.5v+0.3v=1.8v..


(DO NOT USE 1.8v, this is just an example)

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