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Are these "safe" Volts for Venice 3200+ >>>

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Going through all steps to isolate CPU. Have ram right about 200mhz (using dividers) and only testing CPU. Have these settings below with the temps and volt readings from MBM5 attached.

Are the CPU volts too high for a daily use reliable PC?


FSB Bus Freq: 270

LDT Freq Ratio: 3x

Cpu Freq Ratio: 10

Cpu VID Start: 1.4

Cpu Vid Control: 1.4v

Cpu Vid Spec: above VID *110%

LDT Volt Control: 1.4v

Chip Set Volt: 1.7V

Dram Volt: 2.7v


**currenlty running SuperPI 32M....Cpu temp 38, chipset 47, Vcore+VID 1.49 LTD 1.38, DRAM 2.7, Chipset 1.66 ** All under MBM5

Will attach PIC soon

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Guest dacris

I've been using 1.45x110% on my Venice 3200+ 24/7 for about 3 weeks and I plan on using this much voltage until I upgrade or until the CPU fails (it's the only voltage that will let me hit 2.6 GHz).

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