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Suspended 120mm front fan -- my latest mod (with pics)

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Well some people ive talked to have the CM Centurion 5 case like i, so i decided to post my latest mod i have done to my case.


the tools i used:

aviation snips

1/2'' file, 1/2 round


those of you who own a CM C5 know that when you get the case, it comes with mesh front metal panels.


i removed ALL of mine, saved a few, and they actually came to good use for me =]


all i did was take a 120mm fan, trace with pencil the inside of the fan border, and cut it out roughly with my snips, then i smoothed the cut with a 1/2 round file.



fan mounted, showing my CD drive above it that it fits nicely. ^



a close up of the previous picture. ^



you can see how the fan mounts to the case, and the fan itself with the bracket on. ^



my CD drive itself, with the fan underneath removed for easy portability. ^


thats all the pictures ive got for now, currently my computer is running OOTB (out of the box) and all the parts are just placed on boxes and such, so thats how im taking pictures.


i just used my stock 120mm case fan from the back to try out this mod of mine, because soon i am expecting an aspire or vantec (high CFM) 120mm fan so i can put my pc back in its case.


thats my mod...


how do you like it? :)



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