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WTFUX PCI Graphics Cards

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I came home from work at lunch (hell I'm home right now) and my system is off. So is my other system. I guess someone shut them off or maybe the power went off.


In either case I was pissed. I flipped both systems back on and my new s ystem REFUSED to boot.


I hit power and 4 LEDs and it dies. PSU fan powers up for like 2 seconds and spins and stops. CPU fan never spins. I clear CMOS, power down my PSU, 1 RAM stick on OJ slot, unplug floppy and DVD drive.


All 4 power plugs are in.


No go. Same deal.


I took out my Voodoo 3 and wow powered on like a miracle. Tried it a few times and still powered. Stuck the card back in, powered, died.


Took card out, powered... failed. Cleared CMOS then powered on... works.....


Uh is there some known issue here? I have no other PCI card and no PCIe card until my 7800GT ships out. I'm basically stuck here.


But the problem here is that the weird boot still happens w/o Voodoo card sometimes too. When I first booted up my system.. same deal. What's up


Update: Plugged CPU fan into a different fan plug (fan5) and it booted up WITH Voodoo. Any reason why? Drawing too much power? So Voodoo and FAN switched can make a difference. Does this have ANYTHING to do with teh PSU's 5v rail?

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Hey ho, have you checked for any cables touching metal? Sounds like a shorting problem. :rolleyes:


Well I've been benching and whatever for the last 24 hours... I left it on OCCT torture test after I saw it was good for 20 min..


Damnit. The power did go out. I hope it d idn't fry anything =(. Is this stuff THAT fragile? My other system that I've abused like hell is still quite alive with an inferior power supply. Both were on today and my new system had to go poof.

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