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OCZ Clears Up the TCC5 Confusion


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Found something from OCZ site, just want to share with others...



Recently we have had some inquires and OCZ would like to openly clarify the circumstances surrounding the substitution of Samsung TCCD for TCC5 in the renowned OCZ Platinum series memory. Following the lack of availability of TCCD chips, OCZ replaced TCCD chips with TCC5 chips on its Platinum DDR modules. Concerned enthusiasts that are seeing lower maximum overclocks with recently purchased PC-3200 EL Platinum Rev. 2 are assuming this is due to a difference in the performance potential of the new chips.


“There is absolutely zero difference between tested TCC5 and tested TCCD,” says Eric Nelson, OCZ Product Development Director. “Because we are seeing a tremendous increase in DDR frequency, the chip “binning” process has adjusted to the new memory speeds OCZ now offers. As we now have four Platinum series speed ratings, chips qualified for PC-4800 operation are not slated for use in PC-3200 modules, unless stock is sufficient in higher speed parts. Users noticing lower overclocks are seeing the direct result of rising memory speeds, not a difference in Samsung TCC5 chips. OCZ Platinum is still the fastest DDR1 available today and will provide users with the absolute highest performance. If maximum overclocking potential is desired, purchasing a product with a higher speed rating will take the risk out of your purchase, insuring you of extreme guaranteed speeds.”


“With the Samsung TCCD hitting EOL (End of Life), OCZ continues their high end Platinum line with TCC5's as replacements,” said John Chen, Editor-in-Chief at InsaneTek. "Note that TCC5 is going to replace TCCD based Platinum memory, which means the regular PC3200 Platinum non-Rev2 probably won't use it. But for the rest of the Platinum stuff, PC3200 Rev2, PC3700, PC4200, and PC4800, you should be seeing them equipped with TCC5 chips. Is the replacement any good? Definitely yes, because it's still good stuff.”


For additional inquiries, please contact our support staff at [email protected].





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I didn't went to Corsair site to look for that though. But I just surf around the OCZ site & found this & like to shar ewith others. Either you take it or not, this is the fact. I do not have a chance to play with those TCCD chips but my TCC5 looks like doing just fine for me. Now I am testing with 312MHz with that, so just want to see if I can make it totally stable later but I just got another 2GB pair to play with. So busy.


BTW, I still have another pair of PC5000 sitting around on my desk doing nothing cause at first I brought them initially for running 2GB in 4 slots but afterward I found out I can only run 2T & at most only 200MHz or so, then I didn't bother to put them all 4 together. Such a waste.


** edit ** Right, I think OCZ try to seperate all classes now, so you really become "WHAT YOU PAY IS WHAT YOU GOT", no more bonus MHz if you not willing to pay....

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