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Hardware Exception Error + sys log:

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Ok guys. I built a brand new pretty damn nice system.

Problem is, I once in a while get a BSOD with a "hardware exception error"

After googlin', I found many of these same errors are occuring on the same board plus a SATA drive... so somthin has to be connected there... actually brang me here.


I won the MB at the Gforce lan in SF, along with the SATA drive.

I bought 2 gb of corsair ram, and a shiny new and costly BFG 7800 GTX OC.

Needless to say it hauls. The team I founded pdxclan.com, play BF2 and other games competitively. In a match I got this BSOD and hardware exception.


I started this build from scratch, including a low level format of the SATA drive, and brand new XP install. I followed what most people (hard ocp) as the correct way to install the OS, drivers, etc. Got lotsa useful info from this site as well.

(strange thing is the drives brand new, and was running it for a month on my other machine just totally fine...)

It seems like this board is quite finicky!

Here is what im getting from the system log:


An error was detected on device DeviceHarddisk2D during a paging operation.


For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.


Ive gotten this error with and WITHOUT getting a BSOD on at least 34 occasions according to the log........


I havent modified XP pro in anyway, other than the new forceware and geforce drivers.....


uh, any ideas?


I just realized I forgot to put in my PS in my sig: Antec True Blu atx 2.1 480 w.

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I received this error last week, come to find out it was because I put a jumper on my cd rom in the slave position. It didn't like that, and every time I access it I get machine exception error. I removed the jumper, and it still showed up as slave, but no more errors. Since yours says harddrive2/d, which one of your drives is the one that it's callind drive d:?

Has to be something with THAT drive. Jumper maybe? Maybe run a chkdsk on this drive?

Is your psu a native 24 pin (no 20-24 pin convertor)

And btw, your link up there to microsoft doesn't work (not that this will really help us anyway)

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Guest ElAguila

Make sure the sata data cable and power cable are plugged in good as this can cause that error.

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Man this totally sucks. We are competing this wknd at the pdxlan, 800 ppl some of the best teams. RIGHT in the middle of a bf2 match: BSOD HARDWARE EXCEPTION ERROR

:( - Too bad I was flying the blackhawk with my entire team in it rofl!

D is my new shiny SATA drive- and my gaming XP pro install startup disk.

I have a regular install of xp on my c drive.


Ok well, just to make sure... Which drivers did u guys install for sata?

I have plugged and unplugged the drive too as per ur suggestion, and i got that same error in that log...


Also can someone help me verify my mem timings? I want to make sure thats not it.

Thanks guys :)

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*pin drop*


OK, im gonna reinstall.. again.


But, what is the best way, or what you guys are having the most luck with, way to install the SATA drives?


I want it to be my boot drive...

And so far from what I understand, I am to make sure no IDE hard drive is present, is that correct?


Do I install SATA drivers at f6, or DO I only install the forcware 6.66 drivers?

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sorry I can't help with the sata install,


but what seems weird to me is that the error is comming up for the D drive when your playing a game which shouldn't be touching the D drive.

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dont have any of that memory so can't really verify anything about it other than we've seen a lot of problems with Corsair memory on our NF4 boards


I don't see a power supply in your sig


nor do I see a bios version in your sig for your motherboard...


(you can remove the parts of your sig about MS XP Pro, DirectX, all latest drivers etc, as well as the (San Diego w/1mb cache 0.0u)

*[Family: F, Model: 7, Stepping: 1, Rev SH-E4]*) stuff since we know a 3700+ can only be a San Diego in 939) and we know 7800's only come in PCI-E (as well as NF4 chipsets only support PCI-E)


your sig should look like this:


DFI lanparty UT nF4-D

2GB Corsair XMS: TwinX2048-3200c2


Athlon64 3700+ San Diego

1 Hitatchi SATA drive, *size helps here*

1 IDE 250gb Hitatchi for storage/bckup

30gb IDE Deskstar 7200 RPM for archived stuff

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